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August 2017

19 August — Steve Bannon's exit prompts additional podcasts
18 August — Russia, Louisville, and a job in NYC
17 August — Embed any podcast anywhere, plus a new children's podcast series
16 August — Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port return, and a Canadian podcast celebrates 500 episodes
15 August — CBS Radio signs with Omny Studio, New York City government touts podcasting industry, and tips from Adam Carolla.
14 August — Irish podcasts, SoundCloud okay for now, and how many people work in podcasting in NYC
11 August — Inside an iTunes podcast feature, and SoundCloud could have only a few hours left
10 August — More speakers for OzPod, New Yorker debuts a podcast review column, and fitness fanatics love podcasts
9 August — Audio producer salaries, a new app that isn't a podcast player, and the top podcast publishers for July
8 August — Podcast troll vanquished, making money, and cloud technology for podcasts
7 August — Legal podcasts, Acast, and how to keep surprises fresh for on-mic
4 August — Marketing podcasts, plus UK listening and Entercom invests in podcasting
3 August — Guardian's Football Weekly loses its host, plus a podcast musical and why not to speed up podcast listening too much
2 August — Gimlet Media raise new cash, SoundCloud gets new hope (and a post-mortem pre-mortem), and podcasts outlast iPods
1 August — The world's biggest kids podcaster, Omny Studio gets into Spotify, and a stage play about podcasting

July 2017

28 July — A podcast app for kids, plus Deezer gets AudioBoom podcasts, and S-Town's Brian Reed
27 July — PRX's Podcast Garage, Up First vs The Daily, and Next Radio
26 July — The Current seeks podcast host, and an ad agency on the paradigm shift with podcast ads
25 July — Foreign radio podcasts with subtitles, plus kids podcasts
24 July — New podcasts in sport, business, parenting and Vegas, plus two conferences on Sep 8
21 July — The misappreciated art of podcasting, speed listening, and Hollywood
20 July — Aussie podcast research, and Pocket Casts on Sonos
19 July — Breaking: the hidden, built-in, podcast app in your Android phone
18 July — Speed-listening, a 94 year-old podcaster, and release forms
17 July — The next big genre for podcasting, plus jobs and a guide for journalists
14 July — How to sponsor a podcast well, plus dentists, scientists and murderers
13 July — IAB's new podcast measurement guidelines, Edison Research's Tom Webster, and podcasting to increase in popularity
12 July — Panoply works with Nielsen for targeted podcast ads, and are we at peak podcast?
11 July — June's top podcasters, will analytics change podcasting, and Everyone Else
10 July — How to sell podcasts, half-price podcast app, and a podcast with a 50/50 gender split for guests
7 July — How to get your podcast featured in iTunes; and the rise of the audiogram
5 July — A true-crime podcast finds more clues, and smaller audiences are good too
4 July — A critique of ESPN's 30 for 30, and a talk about podcasting's future by a design anthropologist
3 July — Enhanced analytics from Spreaker, kind of; plus praise for ESPN's 30 for 30.

June 2017

30 June — How to add your podcasts to Spotify: and they're coming to Android
29 June — Lessons from an NPR producer, get your podcast critiqued, new podcast from Microsoft
28 June — How would you sell a podcast in a store? Plus 2017 revenues and Pandora closes in Aus/NZ.
27 June — Where is Microsoft in podcasting? New hires for Midroll, and tips for journalists
26 June — Research from Nielsen about podcast profiles, and Edison Research about smart audio
23 June — How NPR approaches advertising in podcasts, plus a free podcasting event in Canada, and is podcasting ruining radio?
22 June — Interview with Ira Glass on interviews, plus acast, a new TED podcast, and discovery ideas
21 June — Next Radio conference, podcasting to come to Google, and Ira Glass talks
20 June — Successful podcast music, Tom Webster on Apple's analytics, and most successful podcast formats
19 June — A science podcast for kids, video prerolls, and a podcast gets man out of jail
16 June — Behind the world's largest women's podcast network, Lore, Helen Zaltzman, Roman Mars, and Audible
15 June — AudioBoom's boom-time, plus prison podcasts, Podtrac and Primedia
14 June — Current event podcasting, more on Apple's analytics and RSS changes, and Radiodays Europe's podcasting day
13 June — More on Apple's analytics, plus why you should be on 60db and a new golden age of drama
12 June — Apple to add podcast analytics, enable series and custom order for podcasts
9 June — Leela links to Patreon, plus Otto Radio and podcasting (and radio's) resurgence
7 June — Changes coming to Apple Podcast app, plus sign-in for iPlayer and a new Nova podcast star
6 June — Apple's HomePod new voice assistant, plus podcasting's distributed future
5 June — NPR's podcast analytics, plus audio's bright future and archiving podcasting
2 June — ABC in Australia goes podcast-first, US podcast ad figures, podcasts get 3% share of ear in Canada
1 June — Ad agency podcasts, subscription podcasts apparently work, Adam Curry's Podcaster Pro

May 2017

31 May — Podcast app reviews, writing with sound course, Apple has podcast studio
30 May — Update for Castro, US music rights, automated podcasting

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