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June 2023

Jun 2: Gen Z listeners: more diverse, more listening
Jun 1: The top ten podcasts reach a third of all listeners

May 2023

May 31: PodX Group acquires podcast producer Listen
May 30: New management at Podimo in Spain
May 29: Podcast aggregator for shows led by Black hosts
May 26: Two new AI tools for podcasters launch
May 25: The UK gets a podcast ranker, finally
May 24: Exclusive: YouTube’s plans for RSS
May 23: Spotify to use AI for host-read ads
May 22: Spotify CEO: goal is to be “the best partner for creators”
May 19: Podcast hosting companies: “copycats, not innovators”
May 18: A new, exclusive, audio app from The New York Times
May 17: This deal’s on fire - a podcast on sale for $15 million
May 16: Video streaming platform Rumble gets into podcasts
May 15: iHeart launches Ruby, a branded podcast unit
May 12: US podcast ad revenues grew 26% in 2022
May 11: More financials, and Podcast Upfronts is today in New York
May 10: Denmark’s DR plans to restrict open podcasts
May 9: Spotify Audience Network for more European countries
May 8: The platform fight: Amazon pays listeners AUD $5
May 5: YouTube numbers “not doing so well”
May 4: The launch of Pod Save the UK
May 3: Spotify for Podcasters starts to roll out monetisation
May 2: The State of Audio: new data released
May 1: Reviewed: the Nomono Sound Capsule

April 2023

Apr 28: YouTube launch podcasts into YouTubeMusic in the US
Apr 27: A deep dive into podcasting in Indonesia
Apr 26: Podcasts appear in YouTube Music - on the web
Apr 25: Profit for Irish podcast
Apr 24: UK podcast listening unveiled
Apr 21: Nomono launch its ‘sound capsule’ microphone system
Apr 20: Spotify’s All Ears event is on now in Berlin
Apr 19: Podcasts as a source of news and information: study
Apr 18: Spotify’s walled garden loses more exclusives
Apr 17: RØDE launch new products at the NAB Show
Apr 14: Buzzsprout adds automatic midroll dynamic audio
Apr 13: The biggest new shows of 2022
Apr 12: A new Apple Podcasts exclusive, do do de doo de doo
Apr 11: Will Leo Schofield get parole?
Apr 10: Podnews acquires Podcast Business Journal
Apr 7: YouTube rolls out podcast tab, as Headliner generates 1.7mn
Apr 6: Data: true crime hits it out of the park
Apr 5: The “13” podcast’s live event
Apr 4: Spotify Live - but not for long
Apr 3: It’s Adopt-a-Listener Month

March 2023

Mar 31: Deirdre Tshien’s Capsho launches v2.0
Mar 30: Podcasting in Korea - a deep dive
Mar 29: Riverside upgrade brings transcription and text-editing
Mar 28: A new coalition, advocating for open podcasting
Mar 27: Podcasting discussed in Prague
Mar 24: Layoffs and closed shows at NPR
Mar 23: Spotify’s promises of money don’t materialise
Mar 22: Q&A with Marc Maron and Brendan McDonald on ads
Mar 21: Schein signs for four more
Mar 20: YouTube release podcast tools to all
Mar 17: Spotify and NPR outline partnership
Mar 16: Nomono wins at SXSW
Mar 15: The winners of the iHeartPodcast Awards
Mar 14: Spotify loses another show
Mar 13: Biggest: Apple or Spotify?
Mar 10: What’s in the Podnews Report Card?
Mar 9: Anchor goes away: Spotify make big changes
Mar 8: The Ambies 2023 - the winners
Mar 7: Podcasting gathers in Las Vegas
Mar 6: launches free transcripts for all customers
Mar 3: As podcast listening hits a new high, Spreaker goes free
Mar 2: Wish your favourite show was faster?
Mar 1: Australian Podcast Ranker adds three new publishers

February 2023

Feb 28: Last day to take part in the Report Card
Feb 27: Podnews launches series of live events
Feb 24: YouTube Music to get podcasts (in US)
Feb 23: Podcasting in Japan: a deep-dive
Feb 22: Max Cutler leaves Spotify
Feb 21: “Listen Time” - how to calculate it for your podcasts
Feb 20: YouTube testing new features for podcast creators
Feb 17: What's new for Apple Podcasts in iOS 16.4
Feb 16: Acast up; Aussie podcast ads up; Podimo go to Mexico
Feb 15: The $300,000 copcast
Feb 14: Trade Secrets: hear the show again
Feb 13: Exclusive: Hindenburg PRO v2 adds transcriptions
Feb 10: Africa Podcast Day is this Sunday
Feb 9: What podcast listeners are doing while they listen
Feb 8: Video attracted the radio star
Feb 7: Google Search dumps podcasts from Feb 13
Feb 6: Chart-topping podcasts analysed
Feb 3: “Big tech is bad for podcasting” - Laporte
Feb 2: Theroux signs exclusive deal with Spotify
Feb 1: Spotify's CEO: “I got carried away”

January 2023

Jan 31: Podcasting in East and South East Asia explored
Jan 30: Two new studies from Edison Research
Jan 27: Spotify clarifies new podcast leadership team
Jan 26: Podcast downloads were up in 2022 - by 20%
Jan 25: Dramatic drop in new podcasts? It’s better than it looks
Jan 24: Spotify to bin around 600 jobs
Jan 23: The NZ Podcasting Summit to return for 2023
Jan 20: Research gives insight into how people listen to podcasts
Jan 19: New tool makes YouTube podcasting easier
Jan 18: Google Podcasts disappears from Google Search
Jan 17: The podcast category listened-to longest
Jan 16: Payne Lindsey's new show
Jan 13: Podcast listeners want video, says survey
Jan 12: A new role for Riismandel
Jan 11: Major revelations about UK's prime minister come to podcasting
Jan 10: Apple rolls out Delegated Delivery
Jan 9: LeVar Burton to make a show for children
Jan 6: Acquisition target: Laura Mayer joins ABC Audio’s podcast division
Jan 5: The podcast deal that never was
Jan 4: PRX launches ‘Value 4 Value’ micropayments
Jan 3: Spotify enhances chapter support for podcasters
Jan 2: Is adblocking coming to podcasts?

December 2022

Dec 30: RADIO.COM for sale
Dec 29: Transcript services compared
Dec 28: Podcasts take to the stage
Dec 27: Podcast advice written by AI
Dec 26: Adobe Podcast Beta… is it any good?
Dec 23: Buzzsprout’s Review of the Year
Dec 22: First speakers announced for Podcast Movement Evolutions
Dec 21: How this fiction podcast makes money
Dec 20: Goodbye, Anchor?
Dec 19: Belgian government to make their own podcast platform
Dec 16: iHeartPodcast Awards nominees announced
Dec 15: Apple Podcasts Top Shows of 2022: global edition
Dec 14: iOS 16.2 brings a change to Apple Podcasts
Dec 13: Audio drama company drama
Dec 12: Amazon Music covers London with podcasts
Dec 9: 2022 podcast trending data released
Dec 8: Listener brand safety study released
Dec 7: SXM Media is #1 for podcasts
Dec 6: The effect of Samsung’s automatic downloads
Dec 5: Spotify wraps up some stats
Dec 2: Podtrac publishes top new podcasts of 2022
Dec 1: More women listening to podcasts, says research

November 2022

Nov 30: The New York Times experiments with spatial audio
Nov 29: Samsung app to get update
Nov 28: Historical blog post resurfaces
Nov 25: The Podcast Show to return
Nov 24: Vietnamese audio company raises $1.8m for podcasting
Nov 23: Free podcast host closes
Nov 22: Anchor adds audio enhancement
Nov 21: Australian Podcast Awards announce winners
Nov 18: Another exclusive for Spotify
Nov 17: YouTube gives tips for podcasters
Nov 16: Spotify rolls out video podcasting globally
Nov 15: Apple Podcasts is auto-tagging episodes with topics
Nov 14: Podcasting listening up in the US
Nov 11: German podcast listeners double in four years
Nov 10: Annual re-certification now required by IAB
Nov 9: Acast up, Audacy down
Nov 8: New Podcast Buying Guide published
Nov 7: Canadian Podcast Awards winners announced
Nov 4: Acast sign with Amazon for ad-free podcasts
Nov 3: Joe Biden guests on Smartless
Nov 2: Amazon parcels up ad-free podcasts for Prime users
Nov 1: Podcast advertising continues to increase

October 2022

Oct 31: Buzzsprout tackles podcast spam email
Oct 28: Podcasts benefit from growth in spoken word audio
Oct 27: Exclusive: the podcast app that shared every listener’s location
Oct 26: Spotify sees ad revenue increase by 19%
Oct 25: Apple Podcasts on iPad gets a makeover
Oct 24: Podcast data from Saudi Arabia, plus Italy, BBC and ABC
Oct 21: Ad revenue falls for podcast company
Oct 20: Podcast releases new episode on cassette
Oct 19: Podtrac launches Sales Network Ranking
Oct 18: British podcast listeners listen to 6.5 hours a week
Oct 17: TikTok prepares to launch podcast app
Oct 14: Podcast co-listening is most popular in the car
Oct 13: Podcaster ordered to pay $964m
Oct 12: French podcast platform Ausha launches in US
Oct 11: Alitu launches a podcast host
Oct 10: The Spotify layoffs: “it didn’t have to be this way”
Oct 7: Spotify makes show without original hosts
Oct 6: Spotify buys platform safety company
Oct 5: Is Cadence13 being sold?
Oct 4: Apple Podcasts still #1 in Australia
Oct 3: Fiction podcasts get completed more than tech ones

September 2022

Sep 30: International Women's Podcast Awards winners
Sep 29: Fi Glover and Jane Garvey to speak at Podcast Day 24
Sep 28: Gaming the system? Podcast publishers buying plays
Sep 27: Host-read ads get their own detective tools
Sep 26: Winners of African podcast awards announced
Sep 23: Marc Maron's WTF comes to London
Sep 22: Podcast episodes are getting shorter
Sep 21: Spotify launches audiobooks
Sep 20: Adnan Syed is out of jail
Sep 19: It's twenty years since RSS 2.0
Sep 16: Acast to lay off 70 people
Sep 15: The most, and least, crowded active podcast categories
Sep 14: Spotify is now #1 podcast publisher in US
Sep 13: Twitter podcasts rolling out to more users
Sep 12: Top shows up 7% in August, say Podtrac
Sep 9: A new adaptive podcast player
Sep 8: SoundCloud podcasts stop working
Sep 7: Is podcast search broken?
Sep 6: BBC Global News Podcast goes live in KL
Sep 5: YouTube: 'transforming' podcasting?
Sep 2: Comments: coming to podcasts on Spotify?
Sep 1: Comedy is #1 in podcasting

August 2022

Aug 31: There are now 5.2m podcasts
Aug 30: Imprisoned after podcast investigation
Aug 29: Dateline NBC: a new premium subscription on Apple Podcasts
Aug 26: Podcasts are coming to Twitter
Aug 25: Podfather speaks at Podcast Movement
Aug 24: Live reads or announcer-read spots? Use both, says the data
Aug 23: YouTube Podcasts starts to roll out
Aug 22: Study: Spotify never recommends Joe Rogan
Aug 19: SiriusXM: podcast transcript lawsuit "unnecessary", "unreasonable"
Aug 18: Blubrry turns on programmatic ads for all
Aug 17: Libsyn expands to Europe; Latino Podcast Listener Report released
Aug 16: Apple examines Jack Rhysider’s Darknet Diaries
Aug 15: Less ad repetition leads to better effectiveness
Aug 12: Two legal filings that could challenge podcasters
Aug 11: Spotify adds filter tabs for podcasts and music
Aug 10: How to get started with programmatic advertising
Aug 9: Podtrac to measure sales networks
Aug 8: A top 100 hit in Apple Podcasts with just 10 listens
Aug 5: Big US broadcasters release financials
Aug 4: The podcasts that charge guests $50,000
Aug 3: Cleanfeed wins an Emmy Award
Aug 2: A smörgåsbord of good news in Acast’s Q2/22
Aug 1: New hires at UK production company Listen

July 2022

Jul 29: 10,000 votes in the Irish Podcast Awards in two days
Jul 28: Spotify financials: it has 4.4m podcasts now
Jul 27: Podcast contains clues to $50,000 of hidden treasure
Jul 26: Was he the first podcaster?
Jul 25: The British Podcast Awards winners for 2022
Jul 22: Podcast listening on the up, says Edison Research
Jul 21: Heather McGhee hosts new Higher Ground podcast on Spotify
Jul 20: The podcast industry's biggest spammer
Jul 19: Audioboom posts 10x profit, but warns of dark clouds
Jul 18: Acast buys Podchaser for $34m
Jul 15: The robot podcast hosts are coming
Jul 14: Bright results for Libsyn's Glow
Jul 13: Is RSS hindering podcasting?
Jul 12: A new #2 podcast from Wondery
Jul 11: Spotify signs another exclusive podcast
Jul 8: $2.5m for Blue Wire
Jul 7: Podcast Day 24 speakers announced
Jul 6: Podcast ads: repetition or reach?
Jul 5: Visualising your podcast audience
Jul 4: Time to look beyond the big cities?
Jul 1: Canada overtakes US for weekly podcast listening

June 2022

Jun 30: A bigger sample size for Edison Podcast Metrics
Jun 29: The Creators - podcast creators are diverse, but male
Jun 28: Video podcasts are on the rise
Jun 27: Has Spotify's podcast bet paid off?
Jun 24: A new chapter for Julie Shapiro
Jun 23: Announced: another season of Batman Unburied
Jun 22: Fountain now rewards listeners and creators with Bitcoin
Jun 21: British Podcast Awards announces nominees
Jun 20: YouTube share tips for posting podcasts
Jun 17: Smart-speaker use continues to grow
Jun 16: New speakers announced for Podcast Movement
Jun 15: How Apple Podcasts search works
Jun 14: How The Piketon Massacre was made
Jun 13: Fathom launches, promising better discoverability
Jun 10: What's X, Y and Z? And how has Anchor helped?
Jun 9: Spotify - €200m from podcasts last year
Jun 8: Podcast rankers: are they accurate?
Jun 7: Better podcast data coming for iOS apps
Jun 6: Buzzsprout Ads launches, for podcast discovery
Jun 3: Spotify publish new content rules
Jun 2: Focusrite launches Vocaster, an audio interface for podcasters
Jun 1: Podcast ad prices steady in March

May 2022

May 31: Multi-hour outage at Megaphone; every podcast falls offline
May 30: iHeart and Bloomberg launch new shows
May 27: The podcast advertising long-tail
May 26: Spotify rolls out call-to-action cards
May 25: The Podcast Show in London gets underway
May 24: YouTube delivers bigger, more engaged audiences: Podtrac
May 23: Spotify error puts ads for booze on podcasts
May 20: Leaked: the new RØDECaster Pro II
May 19: The Podcast Show 2022 in London: speaker details
May 18: Spotify - scripted podcasts could grow
May 17: Apple Podcasts updates
May 16: The secret of podcast success? Habit
May 13: Edison: Rogan is #1 podcast in US
May 12: Nielsen: more new listeners than ever
May 11: Podcasting's stars are disappearing
May 10: Tom Webster joins Sounds Profitable as Partner
May 9: The Podcast Academy removes a governor
May 6: iHeartMedia - still #1, with more podcast revenue
May 5: My Favorite Murder: a new entry at 6 in Podtrac
May 4: The UK's podcast winners from the ARIAS
May 3: Facebook bins podcasts
May 2: A quarter of all podcast episodes last month were on Anchor

April 2022

Apr 29: Does repetition build reputation?
Apr 28: Unlocking the archive in full: or one day at a time
Apr 27: Triton Digital releases inaugural Canada Podcast Report
Apr 26: Substack improves its podcast player
Apr 25: Multitrack Audio Fellowship expands
Apr 22: Spotify's Anchor launches video podcasts
Apr 21: Why people stop listening to podcasts
Apr 20: A multilingual podcast in French and Mandarin
Apr 19: Spotify's Greenroom Creator Fund closes, doesn't pay
Apr 18: Podcast guest booking platforms tested
Apr 15: Facebook loses interest
Apr 14: A podcast network just for shorter shows
Apr 13: Podcasting is growing in China
Apr 12: Anchor podcast is a 'shameless rip-off'
Apr 11: Anchor adds 35 different languages
Apr 8: New Board of Governors for The Podcast Academy
Apr 7: Say hallå to a new podcast investment company from Sweden
Apr 6: Who'll be at The Podcast Show
Apr 5: Podmachine launches: produce, grow, manage
Apr 4: The biggest podcast hosts
Apr 1: Growth in female podcast listening

March 2022

Mar 31: Preview Spotify's new podcast discovery tool
Mar 30: Exclusive: YouTube's plans for podcasting
Mar 29: RØDE gets into headphones
Mar 28: A new podcast interface for Spotify?
Mar 25: Podnews's report card results revealed
Mar 24: Infinite Dial 2022 is released
Mar 23: The Ambies 2022: the winners
Mar 22: Apple to add follower numbers
Mar 21: Consolidation in podcasting: happening fast
Mar 18: Serial gets a governors award
Mar 17: Research says people pay attention to podcast ads
Mar 16: Indie podcaster takes show to TV
Mar 15: iOS 15.4 release updates Apple Podcasts
Mar 14: iVoox sees more growth in 2021
Mar 11: Google's new dubbing tool
Mar 10: YouTube podcast director to speak at Podcast Movement Evolutions
Mar 9: Amazon turns social audio up to 11
Mar 8: Women's podcast listening revealed
Mar 7: YouTube and TikTok make moves into podcasting
Mar 4: Podcast chapters: who's using them?
Mar 3: Twitter could be adding podcasts
Mar 2: iHeartRadio adds 'Talk Back' voice comments
Mar 1: Spooler could change the sound of news podcasts

February 2022

Feb 28: iHeart to recognise podcast union
Feb 25: Apollo: a podcast app just for fiction podcasts
Feb 24: Will Ferrell confirmed for Podcast Movement keynote
Feb 23: Libsyn launches free podcast platform; buys PAR
Feb 22: Podcast ads: 'highest level of engagement yet'
Feb 21: 'Making headlines, not podcasts'
Feb 18: Super listeners pay attention to podcast ads
Feb 17: Spotify buys Podsights and Chartable
Feb 16: The Podnews report card: your views on podcast platforms
Feb 15: Tickets go on sale for The Podcast Show 2022
Feb 14: Is Audioboom on Amazon's wishlist?
Feb 11: Dan Snow takes his podcast to Antarctica
Feb 10: Infinite Dial data to be presented live in LA
Feb 9: Podcasting Hall of Fame inductees to be named today
Feb 8: Should Spotify have editorial control? Research says yes; but opinions differ
Feb 7: Dealt a bad hand: Audiochuck accused of plagiarism
Feb 4: The iHeartRadio Podcast Awards winners
Feb 3: Ad revenue up for SiriusXM and Spotify
Feb 2: Google switches podcasts to pirate copies
Feb 1: Resonate Originals launches with more 'Culpable'

January 2022

Jan 31: Spotify's Rogan problem: a special edition
Jan 28: More Lemonada, after funding round
Jan 27: Jad Abumrad leaves Radiolab
Jan 26: TED Audio Collective partners with Transmitter Media
Jan 25: Amazon buys rights to another big podcast
Jan 24: Lovin' it: McDonald's signs podcast deal with former employee
Jan 21: Libsyn launches new Libsyn5 interface
Jan 20: Podcasting's sweet new advertiser
Jan 19: A thousand episodes of Start Here from ABC News
Jan 18: Umbrel's new release includes podcasting feature
Jan 17: Almost half all downloads are of archive shows
Jan 14: True crime topped the top charts of 2021
Jan 13: The Podcast Hall of Fame to return
Jan 12: Google Podcasts adds a privacy warning
Jan 11: Facebook hits the mute button on podcasts with music
Jan 10: Audioboom in profit; posts 125% year-on-year revenue increase
Jan 7: Spotify launches podcast ad banners
Jan 6: 1 in 10 Brits plan to start a podcast this year
Jan 5: How to succeed in podcasting: give it time, says survey
Jan 4: A new icon font to make podcast websites easier
Jan 3: 400,000 sound recordings come out of copyright

December 2021

Dec 31: How many new shows in 2021?
Dec 30: Data: podcasts 'resonate with diverse audiences'
Dec 29: Facebook Podcasts coding issue leads to inflated numbers
Dec 28: The Young Audio Awards return for 2022
Dec 27: Podcasting - the game!
Dec 24: Veteran comedy writer Barry Cryer launches podcast
Dec 23: Fat Leonard podcast makers sued for their interview tapes
Dec 22: Ten Percent Happier to launch its own podcast studio
Dec 21: Spotify's new Pod City
Dec 20: Breaking: Media giant Global acquires Captivate
Dec 17: Spotify add star ratings; buy another podcast host
Dec 16: SiriusXM sued for no podcast transcripts
Dec 15: How much money you need to buy ads on Joe Rogan
Dec 14: Apple Podcasts helps new listeners and long-time ones
Dec 13: Your next podcast might be made using AI
Dec 10: iHeart Podcasters want a union
Dec 9: The New York Times releases a new audio app
Dec 8: Spotify's big shows - where are they?
Dec 7: Comedy albums pulled from Spotify :sadface:
Dec 6: Music licensing for podcasts - more complex than you think
Dec 3: Podcasting in the UK as popular as the US
Dec 2: Slate and Pushkin both add Spotify paid subscriptions
Dec 1: Apple Podcasts publishes the best of 2021

November 2021

Nov 30: 27% of young Americans listen to podcasts every day
Nov 29: Who's advertising against your podcast's name?
Nov 26: Marketing, revenue and growth case study for indie podcasters
Nov 25: The Infinite Dial UK to be revealed on Dec 2
Nov 24: Production company Podimo raises $78m
Nov 23: Samsung Free launches podcasts in Europe
Nov 22: Spotify is ready to buy more
Nov 19: Tenderfoot TV to fund a podcast from Bitcoin
Nov 18: The latest top 50 podcasts in the US
Nov 17: Medium buys into audio, Vox Media gets criminal
Nov 16: Dixo acquired by Hollywood content producer
Nov 15: The Dubai PodFest takes place
Nov 12: Continued growth in spoken word; as Spotify buys audiobook company
Nov 11: Audioboom launches Showcase podcast global marketplace
Nov 10: Jon Ronson returns - for some
Nov 9: Apple Podcasts brings back the 'refresh' button
Nov 8: Podcast Index experiments with cross-app comments
Nov 5: Libsyn acquires podcast monetisation company PODGO
Nov 4: Now you can auto-post your podcast to YouTube
Nov 3: Amazon adds podcast transcripts
Nov 2: Almost half of all US podcast listeners listen to an indie podcast
Nov 1: Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson has a new podcast

October 2021

Oct 29: Facebook Podcasts rolling out internationally?
Oct 28: More podcasts, more listeners, more revenue, says Spotify
Oct 27: Ashley Flowers's Audiochuck signs with SiriusXM
Oct 26: Acast and the BBC renew podcast advertising deal
Oct 25: Learnings from She Podcasts LIVE
Oct 22: Anchor and Spotify launch proprietary video podcasts
Oct 21: Chartable launches 'sales sheets' for your advertisers
Oct 20: New Media Show to chat with Facebook about podcasting
Oct 19: Harbinger renews with PodcastOne for 'high seven figure deal'
Oct 18: Apple explains how automatic downloads work
Oct 15: Budden ex-buddies sign with Stitcher
Oct 14: Last Podcast on the Left to stop being Spotify Exclusive
Oct 13: A fluent Spanish podcast from a non-Spanish speaker
Oct 12: Exclusive: Spotify catching up with Apple: but are they?
Oct 11: Eric Nuzum's Lisbon masterclass
Oct 8: 'Fat Leonard' podcast exposes corruption in US military
Oct 7: Spotify and Anchor unveil new podcast monetisation options
Oct 6: 13-23 year-olds prefer Spotify
Oct 5: Why do we call it a 'podcast'?
Oct 4: OZY Media shuts down after reports about business practices
Oct 1: Spotify add Q&A and polls; Clubhouse to enable recording

September 2021

Sep 30: Apple, Omny Studio release data; Acast promote shows
Sep 29: iOS 15's Private Relay - and its impact on podcasting
Sep 28: Popular US rom-com podcast's first international production
Sep 27: Sweden is #1 for podcasting
Sep 24: Ashley Flowers non-profit gets arrest in unsolved case
Sep 23: A podcast network for women
Sep 22: Advertisers underinvest in audio, says study
Sep 21: Virgin Atlantic chooses indie podcast
Sep 20: Early podcast history in the UK
Sep 17: US Latinos - non-podcast listeners already listening to spoken word
Sep 16: October's NAB Show cancelled
Sep 15: Brad Smith promoted at SiriusXM
Sep 14: TED uses dynamic audio insertion to make a random episode
Sep 13: Inside the Player FM redesign
Sep 10: iVoox releases Spanish podcast data
Sep 9: Analyst: Spotify needs a new approach
Sep 8: Libsyn's AdvertiseCast to release monthly ad-rates report
Sep 7: SmartLess jumps into the Podtrac top 20
Sep 6: Podcast listening grows in Germany
Sep 3: Supercast sees success in cross-platform paid podcast subscriptions
Sep 2: US podcast ad spend up by almost a quarter
Sep 1: Zack Reneau-Wedeen leaves Google Podcasts on a high

August 2021

Aug 31: Darknet Diaries sees success with Apple Podcasts paid subscriptions
Aug 30: Tascam launches the Mixcast 4
Aug 27: Kiernan Shipka to appear in feature-length scripted podcast
Aug 26: Podsights terminates contract with Libsyn, citing bad conduct
Aug 25: Spotify opens paid subscriptions to all US Anchor users
Aug 24: Shhh - internal Spotify podcast data leaked
Aug 23: HP gets into podcast advertising
Aug 20: Podcast downloads fall worldwide following Apple bug
Aug 19: The IAB Podcast Upfront announces final agenda
Aug 18: The winners and losers when IP addresses go away
Aug 17: Pocket Casts begins 'scaling back up'
Aug 16: Fireside Chat updates its terms
Aug 13: Podcasts made with AI
Aug 12: Something's wrong with Apple Podcasts
Aug 11: Use the right words to get a more popular podcast
Aug 10: The top 50 podcasts in the US
Aug 9: Now, 'boosts' come with messages from your listeners
Aug 6: Cuban and Fatemi's Fireside Chat at Podcast Movement
Aug 5: #RobotSharon steals the show at Podcast Movement
Aug 4: Acast: 'we're number three'
Aug 3: SiriusXM gives the nod to the return of For Colored Nerds
Aug 2: More than 1,000 shows are using Apple Podcasts paid subscriptions

July 2021

Jul 30: Fixed - the Apple Podcasts download bug
Jul 29: Lore's Aaron Mahnke launches new show: Bridgewater
Jul 28: Spotify opens paid podcast subscription access
Jul 27: Audacy launches PodSauce - all that's hot in new podcasts
Jul 26: New Hollywood podcast forced to change name by indie
Jul 23: Audacity updates its privacy policy
Jul 22: Canadian radio to broadcast podcasts
Jul 21: Crooked Media goes international for ads with Acast
Jul 20: Shure adds a tripod to MV7 Podcast Kit
Jul 19: Popular podcast app Pocket Casts has a new owner
Jul 16: Fiction podcasting: growing by more than 300 percent
Jul 15: Ripping old ads out to put new ads in
Jul 14: What data do podcast apps use to help people find your show?
Jul 13: The rise of the smart speaker
Jul 12: The winners of the British Podcast Awards
Jul 9: Netflix hires first Head of Podcasts
Jul 8: PodcastOne launches LaunchpadOne, a free podcast host
Jul 7: Acast CEO: 'RSS is the cornerstone of open podcasting'
Jul 6: All the same: episode notes now display consistently
Jul 5: Audacity to share app analytics data
Jul 2: Bug results in lower downloads
Jul 1: HTML links are back in Apple Podcasts

June 2021

Jun 30: Amazon buys SmartLess podcast for around $80m
Jun 29: Spotify Audience Network launches in Australia, Canada and UK
Jun 28: Chaux: 'most consumption will be 3 minute episodes'
Jun 25: Prime day: Amazon buys ART19
Jun 24: Dane Cardiel joins Gumball
Jun 23: Data: podcast listening around the world
Jun 22: Facebook launches podcasts for US users
Jun 21: Squadcast launches v4.0
Jun 18: Stitcher is the #1 podcast network in US
Jun 17: Like Clubhouse, but it records: Spotify Greenroom launches
Jun 16: Spotify buys another exclusive podcast for $60m
Jun 15: Subscriptions and Channels go live in Apple Podcasts
Jun 14: Podcasts receive premieres at 2021 Tribeca Festival
Jun 11: The podcast company burning through $100m of imaginary cash
Jun 10: Ear Hustle to be available as a book
Jun 9: Captivate upgrades to 2.0
Jun 8: Apple to reveal where your podcast data goes
Jun 7: Podcast Day 24 currently underway
Jun 4: Consumers prefer podcast ads to TV ads
Jun 3: How long should a podcast ad be?
Jun 2: Writing great podcast advertising copy
Jun 1: Overcast wins accessibility award

May 2021

May 31: Apple delays paid podcast launch; admits problems
May 28: British Podcast Awards - watch the nominations
May 27: Podchaser launches an API
May 26: Keeping private podcasts private
May 25: Apple Podcasts Subscriptions are here
May 24: Samsung jumps into podcast advertising
May 21: App that offers clips of podcast shows accused of theft
May 20: Getting with The Program: ads for a podcast in an unusual place
May 19: Spotify or Apple? Who's bigger for podcasts?
May 18: Lossless audio comes to Apple, Spotify and Amazon
May 17: The Ambies 2021: all the winners
May 14: Canadians enjoy the taste of podcasts
May 13: US Podcast Ad Revenues grew 19% in 2020
May 12: CNN Audio plans Apple Podcasts subscriptions
May 11: Spotify's new social-sharing features
May 10: Up Next - a podcast up front - goes live
May 7: An end to AppleCoreMedia useragents?
May 6: Podcast Day 24 will be in-person in Sydney
May 5: Apple Podcasts changes format for episode notes
May 4: Ricky Gervais to sell subscription to new podcast
May 3: A quarter of all Brits listen to podcasts every week

April 2021

Apr 30: Why Apple Podcasts seems slower to get new episodes
Apr 29: SiriusXM revenue up, Spotify back in profit
Apr 28: Spotify launches Paid Subscriptions for podcasts
Apr 27: 99% Invisible bought by SiriusXM
Apr 26: AppleCoreMedia: what it is, and isn't
Apr 23: launches new 'magic editor'
Apr 22: New Apple Podcasts system: shows disappear, multiple bugs
Apr 21: Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is launched
Apr 20: Facebook to add a podcast player and recording tool
Apr 19: Facebook to get serious about podcasting
Apr 16: iVoox builds Spanish podcast ad marketplace
Apr 15: Spotify announces new podcast charts
Apr 14: Google Podcasts hits new installation milestone
Apr 13: WTF - an award at The Ambies
Apr 12: Stay Tuned for a new Vox Media acquisition
Apr 9: Union agreement at Gimlet, The Ringer
Apr 8: New features for the RØDECaster Pro
Apr 7: Time to rename the Apple Podcast Chart?
Apr 6: The illusion of 2 million podcasts
Apr 5: Wondery to double in size this year
Apr 2: Libsyn buys podcast ad company
Apr 1: New children's book aims to teach podcasting ad-tech

March 2021

Mar 31: Libsyn 5 available to all in beta
Mar 30: The acclaimed West Cork now available for free
Mar 29: The Ramsey Show hits a billion
Mar 26: Samsung launches Samsung Podcasts
Mar 25: The female economy - podcast listening among women
Mar 24: There are now 2 million podcasts
Mar 23: PodTV launches on smart TVs and the web
Mar 22: Podcasting: a billion dollar market in the US this year
Mar 19: Live captions for every podcast in Google Chrome
Mar 18: It's a date! Podcast Movement confirms dates and venues for 2022
Mar 17: Overcast to skip stats services
Mar 16: When 1 second of listening means a 90 second download
Mar 15: Free music packs for podcasts
Mar 12: Triton Digital and Edison Research: Podcast listening up to a new high
Mar 11: How no commuting affected podcasts last year
Mar 10: Entercom acquires podcast influencer marketplace Podcorn
Mar 9: 'Follow our podcast': Apple Podcasts to stop using 'subscribe'
Mar 8: Spotify announces a new focus on women creators
Mar 5: The Ambies 2021: the full nominations
Mar 4: The first podcast to be released as an NFT?
Mar 3: The road ahead: Spotify to overtake Apple?
Mar 2: Lady Bird Johnson's daily audio diaries make it to podcast
Mar 1: Nielsen: US podcast listeners are more diverse than population

February 2021

Feb 26: Android gains against iOS worldwide
Feb 25: BetterHelp spent $4.4m on podcasts in January
Feb 24: Attacks briefly knock some podcast hosts offline
Feb 23: Subscriptions, new features and The Bosses: Spotify's big day
Feb 22: TED launches TED Audio Collective for podcasts
Feb 19: Who's moving where?
Feb 18: iHeartMedia to buy Triton Digital
Feb 17: Andy Bowers is co-founder of new podcast company
Feb 16: Acast reaffirms commitment to open podcasting
Feb 15: Who wants to moderate podcasts?
Feb 12: Libsyn acquires production platform Auxbus
Feb 11: iHeartRadio still No.1 in Australia
Feb 10: iHeart 3D Audio to make podcasts more immersive
Feb 9: Mark Cuban's 'next-gen' podcasting platform
Feb 8: Fair use - what it means for podcasters
Feb 5: The New York Times made $36m from podcast ads in 2020
Feb 4: A quarter of Spotify users now use podcasts there too
Feb 3: There were two new podcasts every minute in 2020
Feb 2: New podcast shows off DAI building blocks
Feb 1: New Spotify book, and patent for mood detection by voice

January 2021

Jan 29: New global podcasting conference announced
Jan 28: PodcastOne: 'Podcasting to grow to $5-10bn through video'
Jan 27: Anchor gets a new look
Jan 26: How Jordan Harbinger buys $40,000 of host-read ads a month
Jan 25: Magellan AI launch 'Really Good Podcast Ads'
Jan 22: Office Ladies is Podcast of the Year at the iHeart Podcast Awards
Jan 21: New tool lets you explore your podcast's neighbourhood
Jan 20: Happy 20th Birthday, Podcasting
Jan 19: Apple Podcasts shines a spotlight on independent voices
Jan 18: Apple to launch podcast subscriptions?
Jan 15: Losing money, Pocket Casts is put up for sale
Jan 14: Todd Cochrane makes it to 1,500 Geek News Central episodes
Jan 13: Condé Nast podcast management criticised
Jan 12: Social podcast app Breaker won't close after all
Jan 11: 'Wow in the World' gets 100 million downloads
Jan 8: Adelicious, a podcast monetisation agency, publicly launches
Jan 7: Greenlee to step down as Podcast Academy Chair
Jan 6: Megaphone added to ad-block lists
Jan 5: Breaker team to join Twitter; podcast app to close
Jan 4: Evergreen Podcasts to double output in 2021
Jan 1: '246 companies' get your Spotify data

December 2020

Dec 31: Amazon buys Wondery
Dec 30: Spotify's podcast problem: bootlegs
Dec 29: New podcast digs into weird news in local newspapers
Dec 28: Chinese government increasingly interested in podcasts
Dec 25: Questions asked of the New York Times after Caliphate
Dec 24: The podcast:location tag is finalised
Dec 23: Triton Digital: US podcast downloads dip into the holidays
Dec 22: Satirical podcast News Fighters goes SansPants
Dec 21: Spotify's podcast boss Liz Gateley to leave?
Dec 18: Netflix's audio-only mode could threaten podcasting
Dec 17: Why has music streaming stopped growing?
Dec 16: Spotify signs Meghan and Prince Harry
Dec 15: Podcast Taxonomy Consortium gives us clearer job descriptions
Dec 14: Newsletter service Substack is the latest free podcast host
Dec 11: Patreon comes out top for donations, says podcaster
Dec 10: Night-time is podcast time in India
Dec 9: 38% believe there are too many ads in podcasts
Dec 8: A closer look at the New York Times's podcasting
Dec 7: AdsWizz launches survey
Dec 4: Google Podcasts app gets RSS feed support
Dec 3: Tu-whit tu-Whoo might be buying Wondery?
Dec 2: The best podcasts of 2020: Apple Podcasts unveil their shows of the year
Dec 1: Spotify's most popular podcasts in 2020

November 2020

Nov 30: A map to help navigate the podcasting landscape
Nov 27: The podcast that's sent 15 million people to sleep
Nov 26: The power of local podcasting
Nov 25: RØDE launch Vlogger Kits
Nov 24: French children's podcast platform Keeku launches
Nov 23: The best podcasts from Australia revealed
Nov 20: How Gen Z/Millennials use podcasts
Nov 19: What we can learn from Apple Podcasts star ratings
Nov 18: Vurbl launches - a new 'creator-first' audio streaming platform
Nov 17: Apple Podcasts: now on a website near you
Nov 16: Apple now under half of all podcast plays
Nov 13: Global to commission original podcasts
Nov 12: The Australian ABC adds shows to Spotify
Nov 11: Spotify buys Megaphone in its biggest deal yet
Nov 10: Acast integrates with Patreon patron-only shows
Nov 9: Spotify investigates podcast subscriptions
Nov 6: Anchor gains IAB certification
Nov 5: Anchor makes payout changes
Nov 4: YouTube channels are pirating podcasts
Nov 3: A brand new song, every week, in a podcast
Nov 2: Australian Podcast Awards 2020 nominees announced

October 2020

Oct 30: Biden vs Trump - who's spending where in podcasts
Oct 29: Acast and AdsWizz make podcast ads easier to buy
Oct 28: Podchaser launches Pro service for marketers
Oct 27: Shure launches MV7 USB/XLR microphone
Oct 26: iHeartMedia to buy podcast host Voxnest
Oct 23: The Allusionist leaves PRX's Radiotopia
Oct 22: This Porsche comes with Apple Podcasts
Oct 21: Fyre Festival fraudster produces podcast from prison
Oct 20: The two things that make podcasts unique
Oct 19: Podsights: two ads work better than one
Oct 16: The RIAA shuts two podcasts down for music use
Oct 15: Anchor and Spotify launch 'shows with music'
Oct 14: The Ambies are coming
Oct 13: Libsyn and listener privacy
Oct 12: Proposals for new podcast tags in RSS unveiled
Oct 9: Podcasting on Deezer shows up in another 51 countries
Oct 8: Spotify launches social cards
Oct 7: The stars come out for Podfront
Oct 6: Anchor's tools make it easy to copy podcasts
Oct 5: Award-winning investigative journalist Robert Riggs talks to Podnews
Oct 2: Deezer posts positive numbers for podcasters
Oct 1: Google Podcasts Creator Program announces teams

September 2020

Sep 30: Happy #internationalpodcastday
Sep 29: Faking IAB-compliant downloads
Sep 28: Wondery seeks a buyer
Sep 25: BBC Sounds goes global
Sep 24: Brené Brown gets two Spotify exclusives
Sep 23: How the new Apple Podcasts could impact listening habits
Sep 22: Amanda Palmer launches weekly podcast
Sep 21: FinCEN files investigation is accompanied by a podcast
Sep 18: UK's 'Noiser' signed by talent agency WME
Sep 17: Podcasts on Amazon Music - all you need to know
Sep 16: Jake Shapiro goes to Apple Podcasts
Sep 15: Joe Rogan's next guest?
Sep 14: Podcast listeners are listening longer
Sep 11: Kara Swisher's new interview podcast
Sep 10: NPR makes 'first localised daily news podcast'
Sep 9: US podcast downloads and audience per platform
Sep 8: The Podfather launches a new, open podcast directory
Sep 7: 12% of New Zealanders listen to podcasts every day
Sep 4: More brands than ever are considering podcast advertising
Sep 3: Song Exploder starts to remove shows
Sep 2: Censored? Joe Rogan Experience is missing episodes on Spotify
Sep 1: Ad revenue 'surging back' to podcasts

August 2020

Aug 31: Podnews launches new, weekly adtech newsletter; Overcast adds dynamic ad warning
Aug 28: CK Goldiing explores 'telephobia'
Aug 27: Joe Budden to leave Spotify
Aug 26: Exclusive: the top 100 podcasts in your country on Spotify
Aug 25: Podcasting: 'more trustworthy than traditional media'
Aug 24: A new daily cyber security show launches
Aug 21: BRIAN'S ALIVE! - and he's going to release a new bedtime stories podcast
Aug 20: More enhancements for Google Podcasts
Aug 19: Horses In The Morning celebrates 2,500 shows
Aug 18: Spotify launches new Daily Sports playlist
Aug 17: Anchor is hosting pirated podcasts
Aug 14: Joss Stone launches 'A Cuppa Happy'
Aug 13: Amazon changes podcasting terms: delivers worse option
Aug 12: 38 percent of Americans listen to podcasts to improve their mood
Aug 11: Exclusive: Anchor are automatically deleting podcasters, and why
Aug 10: How to get your podcast into Amazon
Aug 7: Music podcast celebrates India’s neighbours
Aug 6: Wonder Media Network signs with WME
Aug 5: Podcasting to hit $1bn in 2021
Aug 4: Are Anchor podcasters different?
Aug 3: Apple still #1: podcast listening via mobile apps

July 2020

Jul 31: SiriusXM: Simplecast’s price; Pandora’s decline
Jul 30: Spotify: more podcast listening
Jul 29: Descript adds Overdub, automated editing, and more
Jul 28: The Podcast Show 2021 announced in London next May
Jul 27: Podcast producer WYN Studio in India gets funding round
Jul 24: New comedy shows announced from Will Ferrell and iHeartMedia
Jul 23: The New York Times buys Serial Productions
Jul 22: Podcast Movement shifts to a virtual event
Jul 21: New UK research shows lack of diverse voices
Jul 20: Non-English podcast launches overtake English ones
Jul 17: Michelle Obama to release show on Spotify
Jul 16: Apple makes a new, exclusive, 'podcast'
Jul 15: Spotify launches in Russia, and launches podcast charts
Jul 14: US Podcast Ad Revenues grew 48% in 2019
Jul 13: British Podcast Awards 2020 winners
Jul 10: YouTube listening time falls; and working safely during a pandemic
Jul 9: Spotify signs $20m deal with Omnicom Media Group
Jul 8: Podcast listeners 39% more likely to drive a hybrid
Jul 7: SiriusXM 'to buy Stitcher'
Jul 6: Podtrac: NPR back at #1
Jul 3: A record number of new shows: but new releases now in decline
Jul 2: Spotify gains on Apple worldwide
Jul 1: Resonate Recordings launches a podcast host

June 2020

Jun 30: Spotify adapt 'Sandra' to international markets
Jun 29: BBC launches new podcast unit
Jun 26: Cadence13's 'movies for the ear'
Jun 25: PodLP: a new podcast app for the next billion listeners
Jun 24: iHeartMedia and Warner sign co-pro deal for HBO Max
Jun 23: Podcasts: radio's biggest advertiser
Jun 22: Podcasts - do we have a spam problem?
Jun 19: Pandora adds podcast analytics
Jun 18: SiriusXM (owner of Pandora and AdsWizz) buys Simplecast
Jun 17: Reuters Audio launches with half a million audio clips
Jun 16: 19.7m people will pay for podcasts in the US
Jun 15: The podcast app that's eight times bigger than you thought
Jun 12: Are your podcast downloads 5% too high?
Jun 11: Podcast transcripts: should podcasters have control of their own transcript?
Jun 10: Deezer launches podcasts for Israel
Jun 9: Podhero launches: a new support platform for podcasters
Jun 8: Rogan: most popular podcast in the US
Jun 5: More people in Canada listen to podcasts every week than the US
Jun 4: Triton Digital: O Assunto is número um in Latin America
Jun 3: Study: many Joe Rogan fans will 'stop listening'
Jun 2: A new record for new podcasts
Jun 1: Now showing: IMDB now listing podcasts

May 2020

May 29: California listens to more podcasts than any other US state
May 28: The Podcast Academy names its Board of Governors
May 27: Time to rethink the podcast app?
May 26: iPhone vs Android across the world
May 25: Podcasts are coming to Amazon
May 22: Captivate gains IAB certified compliant stats
May 21: Blubrry launches private podcasting tools
May 20: Joe Rogan signs exclusive deal with Spotify
May 19: Podcast Addict returns to Google Play: but for how long?
May 18: Google suspends Podcast Addict from Google Play app store
May 15: Apple to make audio content
May 14: Luminary 'losing $3.5m a month'
May 13: Google helps people move away from Google Play Music Podcasts
May 12: Majority of Chinese podcast consumers listen every day
May 11: PodcastOne bought by LiveXLive for $18.1m
May 8: Podcast Movement 2020 switches to October
May 7: New podcast network aims to sell out
May 6: Google launches an analytics - and submission - platform
May 5: This American Life wins first Pulitzer Prize for audio reporting
May 4: We Are Podcast plans 'House Sessions', a networking event while-at-home
May 1: Spotify continues to gain on Apple: even in California

April 2020

Apr 30: Now, Spotify hits one million podcasts
Apr 29: Podcast promoters are still a thing: we talk to one
Apr 28: This American Life comes to Spotify
Apr 27: Apple slow to update new episodes (and why it doesn't matter much)
Apr 24: New UK podcast consumption data shows record listening
Apr 23: Quibi says 'Quit it' - and tells a fan podcaster to stop
Apr 22: Libsyn: more people using computers to listen
Apr 21: Get with The Program: advice on promoting a podcast
Apr 20: There are now over one million podcasts
Apr 17: TWiT turns 15
Apr 16: Nordic noir - true-crime plagiarism in Sweden
Apr 15: Reach half of US weekly podcast consumers by buying just 5 networks
Apr 14: Triton Digital launches new US Podcast Report
Apr 13: Podcast Addict adds reviews
Apr 10: Magellan: 4 out of 5 comedy podcasts talk COVID
Apr 9: Together Apart focuses on how we get together when we can’t
Apr 8: RØDE's new wireless mics; Google removes old Google Play Music Podcasts from iOS
Apr 7: New podcast focuses on the choices ahead
Apr 6: New publishers make it to Podtrac's top 20
Apr 3: Spotify deletes some virus-related episodes
Apr 2: Plays on the web double as we work from home
Apr 1: Listening vs downloads over the past few weeks

March 2020

Mar 31: New RØDECaster Pro firmware released
Mar 30: Podcast downloads are happening later in the day
Mar 27: AdsWizz automates buying host-read ads
Mar 26: Google Podcasts app launches on iOS: same, but different
Mar 25: Anchor adds remote-recording features to its app
Mar 24: Google Podcasts redesign rolling out
Mar 23: How is the coronavirus affecting podcast downloads?
Mar 20: Podcasts now listened to by over 100m Americans every month
Mar 19: Podcasters react to widespread school closures
Mar 18: Tony Phillips joins Broccoli Content as CCO
Mar 17: Is personalisation coming to Apple Podcasts?
Mar 16: Our Largest Download Day Ever - advertising a podcast
Mar 13: The coronavirus’s effect on podcasting
Mar 12: Episode images: the apps that use them
Mar 11: HiStudios changes name and goes independent
Mar 10: COVID-19 podcasts going viral
Mar 9: Gimlet's new Head of Content: and Chartable's new charts
Mar 6: ‘A million’ podcasts won’t be playable in Chrome
Mar 5: 75% of Americans are now familiar with podcasting
Mar 4: iHeart makes it to the Australian Podcast Ranker
Mar 3: The oldest podcaster in the world? And how can we hit $2bn?
Mar 2: Audio-Technica moves to USB-C

February 2020

Feb 28: Apple Podcasts reaches over 900,000 shows
Feb 27: A look at podcasting in Lebanon and Levant
Feb 26: Acast launches Acast Marketplace; iHeartPodcasts come to Australia
Feb 25: Supercast announces $2m of funding; new CEO
Feb 24: Edison Research releases top 10 podcast tracker
Feb 21: Podcast advertising 'works way better than TV, print'
Feb 20: Spotify listeners prefer comedy; Apple's prefer news
Feb 19: RTÉ launches The Nobody Zone in five languages
Feb 18: Podcasting in Egypt: data, and PodFest Cairo
Feb 17: The Podcast Academy launches: the speech, the Q and A, the reaction
Feb 14: Podcast Movement Evolutions under way in LA
Feb 13: Conan: podcast success 'greatest surprise of my career'; and more from Podfront
Feb 12: Chartable gets certified; another company hijacks podcast feeds
Feb 11: Podcasting world converges on LA
Feb 10: How to advertise your podcast with paid ads
Feb 7: Google Podcasts adds a front page, and podcast search, to the web
Feb 6: Spotify buys The Ringer, podcast listening up 200%
Feb 5: Another podcast host gets IAB Certification
Feb 4: The podcasters who earn the most
Feb 3: How you should advertise your podcast

January 2020

Jan 31: BBC sees significant growth in podcast plays on BBC Sounds
Jan 30: Why women are fascinated with true crime
Jan 29: PodcastOne podcasts are now on Spotify
Jan 28: Captivate launches a 'full transparency mode' privacy initiative
Jan 27: MTV to release five new podcasts
Jan 24: The Pod Village at the European Radio Show impresses
Jan 23: Podcast listening without the app
Jan 22: Apple vs Spotify: the #1, according to the data, is...
Jan 21: Breaker gets a redesign for simplicity and discoverability
Jan 20: iHeart Podcast Awards winners and new UK podcast data
Jan 17: How the Apple Podcast Charts work: the patent
Jan 16: Can anyone list your podcast without asking?
Jan 15: Now, MIDiA claims Spotify is #1 for podcasts, kind of
Jan 14: Luminary unveils new, lower, pricing
Jan 13: The Australian Podcast Awards to return for 2020
Jan 10: How Italians listen to podcasts
Jan 9: Spotify launches targeted podcast advertising
Jan 8: Morgan Stanley: Spotify is now #1 podcast platform, beating Apple
Jan 7: US Library of Congress starts archiving podcasts
Jan 6: Podchaser launches recommendation sharing service
Jan 3: Darknet Diaries shares statistics for 2019; Procast adds donate buttons
Jan 2: A new chinese government podcast
Jan 1: New Year, new privacy laws

December 2019

Dec 31: A new way to get ratings
Dec 30: iHeartRadio launches a third all-podcast station
Dec 27: Podcasting in the UAE: a new report
Dec 26: Apple Podcasts grew podcast listening most in 2019
Dec 25: Ratings and reviews do not affect ranking in Apple Podcasts
Dec 24: Is anyone reading your Patreon posts?
Dec 23: The Daily Show launches a new podcast; Podfollow celebrates growth
Dec 20: Triton Digital to produce a US podcast ranker
Dec 19: Libsyn restricts publishers from using some analytics
Dec 18: EXCLUSIVE: A new entry in the Podtrac podcast charts - why it isn't all it seems
Dec 17: Now Spotify is beating Apple Podcasts in Canada
Dec 16: Amazon's Alexa gets podcasts from Apple and Spotify
Dec 13: Spotify helps new listeners discover podcasts
Dec 12: ART19 launches in Korea
Dec 11: Podcast predictions for 2020
Dec 10: National Lampoon first on Spotify; how popular is AAC audio in podcasts?
Dec 9: David Pakman says he's being 'bullied into sharing your data'
Dec 6: Podcasts are getting shorter
Dec 5: Spotify gives podcasters 2019 Wrapped; and is podcasting going to get smart in 2020?
Dec 4: Podcorn, a new self-service ad platform, launches
Dec 3: News podcasts grow; Spotify's most popular podcasts; and the company accused of podcasting click-fraud
Dec 2: 1-in-4 frequent podcast listeners tip their favourite shows

November 2019

Nov 29: Fresh Air Production wins UK production company of the year
Nov 28: DAX unveils new publishers and multi-platform measurement
Nov 27: Apple Podcasts responsible for 58% of podcast downloads
Nov 26: CBC/Radio-Canada sign with Acast; Syed appeal denied
Nov 25: A gambling company is one of US podcasting's top advertisers
Nov 22: Subscription data: US podcasts rule the world
Nov 21: Acast launches new podcast host, Acast Open
Nov 20: LA Times and Wondery launch new true-crime podcast
Nov 19: Spotify adds personalised podcast playlist
Nov 18: Netflix launches a podcast for The Crown
Nov 15: Inside the iHeart Podcast Awards nominations
Nov 14: Is podcasting replacing radio?
Nov 13: Podcast Radio to launch in London
Nov 12: 63% of the world's smartphones run Android
Nov 11: Spreaker Prime: $1m in podcast ad revenue in first three months
Nov 8: Adobe demonstrates automatic de-umming
Nov 7: Deezer adds a dedicated podcast hub to their app
Nov 6: Manoush Zomorodi to host TED Radio Hour
Nov 5: Brazil: the world's number two for podcast listening
Nov 4: Podcasting to be $1bn media market next year
Nov 1: Netflix to launch an original scripted podcast with Spotify

October 2019

Oct 31: Podcasts in HBO's new app, and in a new kids app from Spotify
Oct 30: Voxnest: Spotify conquers Europe for podcasting
Oct 29: Glow drops charges for listener support; Audacity not for Catalina after all; unusual terms and conditions
Oct 28: Audacity's new update for Catalina; and RAIN Summit Europe tickets
Oct 25: Luminary gets a new CEO
Oct 24: A podcast gets archived by the British Library
Oct 23: PodcastOne's Super Listeners study released
Oct 22: Women listen longer; and 'What A Day' to launch on Monday
Oct 21: The Podchaser Feed: a new way to discover podcasts
Oct 18: Australia: new podcast research and a podcast ranker
Oct 17: Spreaker is now using IAB Certified numbers; and podcast listeners love their advertisers
Oct 16: Choose-your-own adventure fiction podcast launches
Oct 15: Podcast consumption in Germany: new study released
Oct 14: Radio Sodoma tops the charts in Finland; introducing 'microcasts'
Oct 11: International Podcast Association shares interim survey results
Oct 10: ShePodcasts LIVE to stream live with Podbean Live
Oct 9: 'Your Daily Drive' comes to Spotify in Germany
Oct 8: Apple Podcasts demonstrate 'Browse By Hosts And Guests'; changes at Libsyn
Oct 7: British Podcast Awards launch a £50,000 funding scheme
Oct 4: Libsyn now hosts 67,000 shows; but CFO resigns
Oct 3: Owen Grover on the demise of Apple, and being cautious of Spotify
Oct 2: Apple is removing 260 podcasts a day
Oct 1: Podcast Alarm allows you to wake up to something different

September 2019

Sep 30: The Messengers: free podcast documentary movie to celebrate International Podcast Day
Sep 27: 55% of podcast fans have bought something advertised on a podcast
Sep 26: UK newspapers pass off podcast interview as their own
Sep 25: Branded podcasts 'more effective than TV'
Sep 24: 'Stuff' rises to #2 in Podtrac chart, and a positive podcast for prisoners
Sep 23: True-crime podcast 'plagiarised' by newspaper; actors love audio drama podcasts
Sep 20: Think most podcasts are downloaded before playing? Think again
Sep 19: Descript’s Podcast Studio launches: we try it out
Sep 18: The Pocket Casts podcast app is now free
Sep 17: Podcoin app to close next week
Sep 16: NPR: podcasting revenue bigger than radio in 2020
Sep 13: Brexitcast filmed for TV
Sep 12: RSS tool falls over; hundreds of podcasts fall offline
Sep 11: Listening to podcasts on the web is increasing
Sep 10: 40% of new podcasts are hosted by women
Sep 9: Podcasting workshop to be held in Jamaica, and new Spotify hirings
Sep 6: Podcasts on a plane; free ebook, webinar and classroom tools
Sep 5: Happy 9th, 99% Invisible; Acast moves to IAB v2 guidelines
Sep 4: Audioboom partners with Voxnest for ad-tech; Boudet goes legal
Sep 3: Unravel returns with a con artist; Crime Junkie served legal letter
Sep 2: Tom Webster: Let's put on a show

August 2019

Aug 30: Help fund a new indie fiction podcast
Aug 29: Podchaser opens up the Social Feed
Aug 28: OzPod podcasting conference returns for 2019
Aug 27: Another podcast accused of copying
Aug 26: Fan podcast sells out live season finale
Aug 23: WWE Podcast Network to launch
Aug 22: Apple Podcasts transcription search is now live
Aug 21: Conan signs a seven figure deal, apparently driving the podcast revolution
Aug 20: Dr Death tops podcast charts across the world
Aug 19: Crime Junkie episodes disappear after plagiarism claim
Aug 16: Podcast Movement wraps up
Aug 15: Using music in podcasting moves a step closer
Aug 14: The doors open to Podcast Movement 2019
Aug 13: Music: finally coming to podcasts?
Aug 12: Fun Kids launches children's podcast network; RadioPublic unveil PodPass
Aug 9: Google adds podcast episodes to Google Search
Aug 8: Radio tunes in: Entercom buys Pineapple Street/Cadence13; iHeart expands podcasts internationally
Aug 7: Veritone One launches new monetisation tool; Cleanfeed to launch browser-based multitrack recorder
Aug 6: Second virtual summit for podcasters announced
Aug 5: Podsights releases “Open Downloads” spec
Aug 2: The new Apple Podcasts categories go live
Aug 1: Data: podcasting and the UAE

July 2019

Jul 31: Is Amazon AWS an alternative to a real podcast host?
Jul 30: Do The Right Thing returns; Spreaker launches Spreaker Prime monetisation
Jul 29: UK - 92 percent of podcasts are listened-to alone
Jul 26: AdBarker promises ad insertion for podcasters on any host
Jul 25: Spotify continues to gain on Apple, which rolls out new categories
Jul 24: Apple are putting new podcast category changes live
Jul 23: Audioburst launches on Android Auto and Bixby
Jul 22: 39 percent of internet users consume podcasts every month
Jul 19: Acast doubles revenue year-on-year; Spotify solicits Spanish shows
Jul 18: Audioboom revenue grows by 171% year-on-year
Jul 17: Apple to make its own exclusive podcasts
Jul 16: Podcasts are getting shorter
Jul 15: The battle of the one-star reviews
Jul 12: Audioboom adds new NYC studios
Jul 11: Stitcher and Wondery expand into the UK; podcast targeted with one-star reviews
Jul 10: BBC Sounds Controller announced; Nielsen announces new podcast advertising service
Jul 9: Castbox has 3m daily users; The Infinite Dial comes to Germany
Jul 8: Podcasts to come first on new Apple iPhone OS
Jul 5: The Nod visits Johannesburg, South Africa; BBC Sounds resets ratings
Jul 4: 75 per cent of UK ad agencies plan to spend more money on podcasts
Jul 3: Podimo - a European Netflix for podcasts - raises $6m
Jul 2: Whooshkaa adds free dynamic ad insertion and transcription for all
Jul 1: Who's the fastest podcast host?

June 2019

Jun 28: Wondery to go global with $10m of funding
Jun 27: Podtrac admits to website error; Apple slips to below 60% of podcast downloads
Jun 26: Anchor: skipping the approval queue, and filling Apple Podcasts with illegal copyright material?
Jun 25: Almost Tangible wins big at the NY Festival Awards
Jun 24: Podcast gets conviction overturned
Jun 21: The radio station earning money from subscription podcasts
Jun 20: Castbox integrates with Waze
Jun 19: Household tips from the 1950's; and a PM19 session not to miss
Jun 18: French podcast publishers work together; Duolingo make a dual French/English podcast
Jun 17: Spotify gets a podcast redesign - and lets advertisers target listeners
Jun 14: Record companies agree: podcasting helps music discovery
Jun 13: Triton Digital acquires Omny Studio
Jun 12: Applications now open for Jesse Cox Audio Fellowship
Jun 11: Spotify adds embedded player for podcasts
Jun 10: Podcast Live's Rugby At Twickenham; Spotify's Daily Podcast Playlist
Jun 7: Death in Ice Valley to return with a live show; and Spotify beats Apple in more countries
Jun 6: More on Apple's new categories, and a Spotify curated podcast playlist
Jun 5: Apple make over 100 changes to podcast categories
Jun 4: US podcasting ad revenues up 53% to $479m; Apple Podcasts adds full-text transcript search and device sync
Jun 3: Apple to kill iTunes: why it makes no difference for podcasters

May 2019

May 31: Castro adds podcast clip sharing to its app: but does it help podcasting?
May 30: Audible UK announces audio drama production grant
May 29: Is podcasting in China really worth $7bn?
May 28: Apple fixes New and Noteworthy
May 27: Libsyn plans new advertising platform; and Inside Star Wars launches this week
May 24: Gimlet launches a new scripted LGBTQ+ series
May 23: How Spain listens to online audio
May 22: Infinite Dial Canada 2019 released in full
May 21: Libsyn podcast revenue up 16% in Q1 2019
May 20: Awards nights - podcasting's winners in Britain and Australia
May 17: Rob Greenlee moves to Libsyn
May 16: BBC plans 'public service algorithm' for personalisation
May 15: Spotify launch a browser-based podcast audio editor
May 14: Chartable launch SmartLinks, get $1.5m funding
May 13: Three companies get IAB Certified; Arabic podcasts on the rise
May 10: Growth in podcast listening in Canada
May 9: Google adds podcast results within main desktop search
May 8: Podfund - a funding source for podcasters - launches
May 7: Luminary fixes show note links in their apps
May 6: Show notes: only 60% of apps support links
May 3: How people discover new podcasts
May 2: Acast launches secure paid-for podcasts in almost any app; Pacific Content bought by Rogers
May 1: Auxbus launches; NPR press the wrong button

April 2019

Apr 30: New podcast host RedCircle launches; Parcast cost Spotify $55m
Apr 29: Overcast launches clip-sharing to social media
Apr 26: Luminary removes proxy server, disguises app user-agent, truncates show notes, removes donation links: more publishers exit
Apr 25: Acast buys Pippa; three more publishers come off Luminary
Apr 24: Podcast downloads by country; and the Peabody Awards
Apr 23: Luminary launches - without some popular podcasts
Apr 22: 18m Crime Junkies; a Swootiful social app; de-umming with Spext
Apr 19: Countries where podcasting is growing fastest
Apr 18: Wondery does a deal with Universal Music
Apr 17: The podcast that crashes car radios
Apr 16: The Daily, The Weekly, the Apple Watch, and more Google Podcasts features
Apr 15: Is this one word we should all stop using?
Apr 12: Podcast Consumer 2019 released; Luminary sneek peek
Apr 11: Apple Podcasts now available on the web
Apr 10: The top personal care podcast advertisers
Apr 9: She Podcasts gets conference funding; Apple Podcasts to get a desktop app?
Apr 8: NAB Show 2019: more podcast companies than ever
Apr 5: Understanding podcast metrics using pizza
Apr 4: Spotify: now #1 for podcasts in Spain, Indonesia and India
Apr 3: Beer brands advertising in podcasts
Apr 2: Google Podcasts are working on an analytics dashboard
Apr 1: BBC says podcast listening will quadruple by 2021

March 2019

Mar 29: The total number of available podcasts is now 700,000
Mar 28: Laughable, a top-rated comedy podcast app, comes to Android
Mar 27: Blubrry and Audioburst announce partnership; Spotify buys Parcast; BBC explains
Mar 26: 'Seems to be insane' - more on the BBC block; and StreamGuys enables RAD
Mar 25: BBC pulls podcasts from Google Assistant and Google Podcasts
Mar 22: If a podcast is too long, a fifth of listeners never return
Mar 21: Google Podcasts will soon have a website (and it'll run on iOS too)
Mar 20: Australia leads the world in smart speaker adoption
Mar 19: Apple - what they should do next
Mar 18: Strategies to grow your Patreon support
Mar 15: Patreon says Sword and Scale's Mike Boudet can stay
Mar 14: Gimlet staff want a union; Spotify files complaint against Apple
Mar 13: Ron Burgundy podcast fails to hit the mark for iHeartRadio
Mar 12: RadioPublic's new stuff; and dynamic ad insertion without the ads
Mar 11: Sword and Scale abruptly ends
Mar 8: A new threat to podcasters: extortion
Mar 7: Research: podcasting significantly growing in US
Mar 6: Google Podcasts unveils episode search, driven by automated transcripts
Mar 5: Spotify is already beating Apple in many countries
Mar 4: Apple's accessibility; and Gimlet's not changing anything
Mar 1: Apple's u-turn: episode numbers won't get you chucked out after all; RODE release new firmware

February 2019

Feb 28: Apple threat: no episode numbers in your podcast titles, or else
Feb 27: Pandora launches 'Stories'; ART19's raid on Stitcher
Feb 26: RAIN Podcast Business Summit is next week
Feb 25: Spotify - growing the pie for podcasting?
Feb 22: Tenderfoot TV's new investigative podcast
Feb 21: Podcast company one of world's most innovative businesses
Feb 20: Podcast Live launches in UK; and mobile data costs around the world
Feb 19: The #2 radio advertiser is also the #2 podcast advertiser
Feb 18: D'oh! Podcasting on The Simpsons
Feb 15: The Quicky - a new daily news podcast for Australia
Feb 14: Pandora's public podcast plans; Anchor's actual acquisition amount?
Feb 13: Root of Evil podcast launches
Feb 12: Apple tightens its terms of service
Feb 11: Google Podcasts creator program bootcamp starts; and monetisation tips
Feb 8: Artificial Intelligence adds visuals and context links to podcasts
Feb 7: New podcast platform launches with $100m investment
Feb 6: Breaking: Spotify buys Gimlet... and Anchor
Feb 6: Where are all the podcast archives?
Feb 5: British Podcast Awards returns for 2019
Feb 4: Spotify in talks to buy Gimlet Media
Feb 1: RØDE give away $150,000 of prizes

January 2019

Jan 31: Podfest Expo in Orlando - Himalaya could pay for your travel
Jan 30: WerkIt launches a podcasting pay survey, and new podcasts from Tenderfoot TV
Jan 29: Overcast adds instant search; the NYT helps new podcast listeners
Jan 28: Advertising that works in podcasting, and Meet your Maker returns
Jan 25: RODECaster Pro to add multitrack recording
Jan 24: David Tennant launches new interview podcast
Jan 23: The Economist launches a daily podcast, and Spotify tests an import function
Jan 22: Audioboom revenue nearly doubles
Jan 21: New podcast consumption data released
Jan 18: Marketing Facebook's new podcast
Jan 17: Anchor 'doubles the number of money-making podcasts'
Jan 16: Spotify now has 200m active users worldwide
Jan 15: More podcasts launched in 2018 than ever before
Jan 14: Closed-captioning is coming to Google Podcasts
Jan 11: BBC’s podcast exclusivity angers listeners; Spotify plans more
Jan 10: Top 10 US radio advertisers vs top 10 US podcast advertisers
Jan 9: CES brings new platforms for podcasts
Jan 8: Number of smart speakers in US households increases by 78% last year
Jan 7: Slate launches daily news podcast 'What Next'
Jan 4: Are ads coming to podcasts on Spotify?
Jan 3: Kanye West to appear on Joe Rogan Experience podcast
Jan 2: Did a true-crime podcast nearly stop a conviction?
Jan 1: 2018 was the year 'podcasts grew up'

December 2018

Dec 31: Tips from Lore creator Aaron Mahnke
Dec 28: Where is podcasting moving fastest?
Dec 27: There were 200,000 new podcasts in 2018
Dec 26: Two Android podcast apps make it into the best apps lists of the year
Dec 25: How to explain to your family what you do
Dec 24: A new podcast app you probably won't like
Dec 21: US/UK audio drama podcast research published
Dec 20: Claims about RAD's privacy: are people right to be concerned?
Dec 19: Podcast analytics in the spotlight
Dec 19: BREAKING: Blubrry and NPR are first with IAB Certification
Dec 18: High profile creators leave Patreon
Dec 17: Apple Podcasts glitch removing ratings?
Dec 14: Rødecaster Pro podcasting mixer reviewed
Dec 13: Nielsen: 19% of all US adults listen to podcasts every week
Dec 12: NPR's RAD analytics standard goes live
Dec 11: How long should a podcast be?
Dec 10: What happens if you promote Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts equally
Dec 7: Podcasts go live in Pandora
Dec 6: A new radio and podcast conference for Asia
Dec 5: Arrest after Teacher's Pet podcast
Dec 4: Podcast advertises on London's tube, and Post Reports debuts
Dec 3: Murder case reopened, thanks to a true-crime podcast

November 2018

Nov 30: Anchor launches Sponsorships for US podcasters
Nov 29: ESPN's record IAB compliant figures: but what does IAB compliance mean?
Nov 28: Voxnest helps monetise UK podcasts with DAX
Nov 27: Record labels take podcaster to court for music in podcast
Nov 26: Podcasters win at the APAs in London; and the WaPo's new daily podcast
Nov 23: Podcast wins prestigious journalism award
Nov 22: Deezer adds podcasting to its app in Colombia
Nov 21: Podcast listening now more diverse; I'm a Celeb podcast launches
Nov 20: Advertising in podcasts that game the charts; and a free Google Home Mini speaker from Spotify
Nov 19: Reuters Institute publish smart speaker report
Nov 16: Anchor clarifies terms of service
Nov 15: Pocket Casts unveils redesigned podcast app
Nov 14: Pandora to add podcasts for its 76m US users
Nov 13: Vox Media switches to Panoply; Spotify is planning shareable podcast playlists
Nov 12: Three-quarters of top podcasts have ads in them; and podcasting makes it to SNL
Nov 9: 12% of all podcasts only have one episode
Nov 8: Apple's Site Manager Reporting is broken; and Nielsen offer better targeting
Nov 7: Google Podcasts adds a share button; Pandora hires; Apple removes a crypto podcast
Nov 6: Wolverine comes back for a second season
Nov 5: Radiodays Europe's Podcast Day host city for 2019 announced
Nov 2: Anchor shares podcast stats; The Guardian's daily podcast goes live
Nov 1: Australian Podcast Awards open for entries; NPR training release more resources

October 2018

Oct 31: BBC launches new radio and podcast app
Oct 30: iHeartRadio comes to Mexico, and Stitcher gets into Waze
Oct 29: Voxnest says 9.4% of all podcast downloads are on the Apple Watch
Oct 26: CBC's daily podcast, Front Burner, launches Monday
Oct 25: Limetown returns for a second season
Oct 24: Eleven year-old maths genius hosts a new podcast
Oct 23: iHeartRadio launch Podcast Awards
Oct 22: Full keynote from OzPod 2018; don't photograph Apple's earbuds
Oct 19: Australian 'Podcast Working Group' formed by radio; and UK's audio winners announced
Oct 18: Triton Digital bought by Stitcher's owner, Scripps
Oct 17: New Australian podcast research; how spammers are targeting Apple Podcasts
Oct 16: #OzPod2018 is tomorrow in Melbourne, Australia
Oct 15: The world's first reality podcast show: The Brights
Oct 12: Google Podcasts to be simplified, and will help podcasters earn money
Oct 11: Why'd You Push That Button returns for a third season
Oct 10: Apple Podcast Charts 'screwy and scammy'; Australian Podcast Awards return to Sydney; LUFS FAQ
Oct 9: How should we replace the Apple Podcasts Chart?
Oct 8: Podcast Consumer Canada 2018 research released; RadioPublic launches tipping
Oct 5: Google works with PRX; Podcasts disappear in Apple Podcasts
Oct 4: Entale, an interactive podcast app, comes out of beta
Oct 3: SoundCloud renews with DAX; how to use music in your podcast
Oct 2: Spotify unveils new podcasters portal for you to submit your show
Oct 1: Google Podcasts turns on Chromecast; and Podcast Awards 2018 winners

September 2018

Sep 28: Spotify - podcast listening up 367%; also increases on Deezer
Sep 27: Apple share podcast authoring tips, and Audioboom advertise a podcast on the TV
Sep 26: Canadian podcast research reveals requirement to help new listeners
Sep 25: How to be a top ten podcast; and how to make a great branded podcast
Sep 24: What is Spotify really measuring?
Sep 21: Podcast Trends Report published, and Serial season 3 starts
Sep 20: BuzzFeed cuts their podcasting team and closes the majority of their podcasts
Sep 19: Apple helps with podcast marketing; Anchor adds smart background music
Sep 18: Google opens News on Google Assistant to all; and questions with Panoply's CEO
Sep 17: Next Radio on now; and music licences for podcasts
Sep 14: iHeartMedia buys HowStuffWorks
Sep 13: Panoply suddenly closes its podcast content division
Sep 12: New logo for Stitcher; new daily podcast for The Guardian
Sep 11: When life gives you Parkinson's
Sep 10: Twitter launches Periscope Audio for live audio streaming
Sep 7: Audiobooks pitted against movies: which are more emotionally engaging?
Sep 6: Manipulated: the Top Charts on Apple Podcasts are broken
Sep 5: EXTRA: Serial to return on September 20
Sep 5: How is Google Podcasts doing: and what could it do better?
Sep 4: iHeartRadio embed tools, and Apple Podcast Chart manipulators
Sep 3: Dutch podcast network hits a million downloads a month; and Apple Podcasts gets a redesign

August 2018

Aug 31: My Dad Wrote A... takes over the Apple Podcast chart
Aug 30: Survey: US public radio fans are heavy podcast users
Aug 29: The BBC start commissioning new podcasts
Aug 28: The FCC is podcasting now; and a podcast festival for Vancouver
Aug 27: Should Kim Kardashian listen to your podcast?
Aug 24: How many podcasts are no longer being updated?
Aug 23: Spotify sign exclusive deal with Joe Budden
Aug 22: Chartable analyses the top platforms for podcasting
Aug 21: The power of podcasting; and Beasley hires Podcast Captains
Aug 20: RadioPublic's calls to action; and understanding podcast stats
Aug 17: Anchor Listener Support now natively supported in podcast apps; and Amazon Alexa is caching audio
Aug 16: Donation links to come to Overcast and others; PRX and PRI to merge
Aug 15: Podkite launches; Acast adds a voice app (in Swedish)
Aug 14: Start Here reaches 100; and is New and Noteworthy really Old and Broken?
Aug 13: Apple Podcasts Connect still broken
Aug 10: Anchor launch a Patreon competitor, Listener Support
Aug 9: A new UK podcasting convention; and growth for iHeartRadio
Aug 8: Audible eliminates a large number of podcasting roles
Aug 7: Alex Jones removed from Apple, Spreaker, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest
Aug 6: Podnews adds a new jobs board; and Paramount signs a new podcast movie
Aug 3: #OzPod2018 returns; Alex Jones episodes removed from Spotify
Aug 2: New podcast host Transistor launches; Simplecast trails new features
Aug 1: Spotify faces criticism for podcasts; and Edison Research shares #PM18 data

July 2018

Jul 31: More podcast speakers for Next Radio; HowStuffWorks signs with Whooshkaa
Jul 30: Teacher's Pet reaches new milestone, and talks and learnings from Podcast Movement #PM18
Jul 27: Anchor to open a free podcast studio in New York
Jul 26: Reports from Podcast Movement; and Earios launches funding drive
Jul 25: AdsWizz partners with podcast hosts to help monetise podcasting
Jul 24: Data from Acast and Nielsen focus on commercial benefits of podcast audience
Jul 23: Podcast Movement delgates gather
Jul 20: NPR and Edison Research release their Smart Audio Report
Jul 19: Audioboom release half-yearly results; the US's biggest podcast advertisers
Jul 18: Skype to add an official call-recorder; and Podnews em Português: ouça agora!
Jul 17: The makers of S-Town sued
Jul 16: The Daily starts being marketed, and the BBC wants a UK podcast chart
Jul 13: Advertising your podcast on Facebook; and how to take a break
Jul 12: South Africa's 'big podcasting moment', and how to link to your podcast more effectively
Jul 11: Donating to podcasts via an Amazon Alexa smart speaker; over 5,000 entries for podcast competition
Jul 10: Acast listening doubles over the past year
Jul 9: Google Podcasts is indexing premium podcast feeds
Jul 6: Podbean helps with secure feeds; and Outlier Podcast Festival Los Angeles
Jul 5: Formula 1 launch its first-ever podcast
Jul 4: Matthew Bannister to launch Folk on Foot; and launch of AudioUK
Jul 3: Podcast Awards open; and a live podcast on Twitch
Jul 2: Donald Trump pranked by a podcaster; and a podcast map

June 2018

Jun 29: Castbox republished unauthorised, altered RSS feeds for your podcast; plus a new YouTube network and Aussie true crime
Jun 28: Castbox to launch a premium subscription service; is Apple censoring podcasts?
Jun 27: Anna Faris Is Unqualified makes it to the radio; Play Podcasts fixes podcast links
Jun 26: On Facebook, 'audiograms' work at least four times better; and a new Canadian daily news podcast
Jun 25: FX signs the NYT's Daily for a Weekly TV show; Google Podcasts adds features
Jun 22: Castbox posts listener data; and Google Podcasts link validator
Jun 21: UTA and Cadence13 launch a podcast network of YouTube stars
Jun 20: Google launch Google Podcasts app
Jun 19: A true crime podcast network; and podcast reading material
Jun 18: Spotify adding new podcasts; more tweaks to Google's podcast app
Jun 15: Next Radio announces podcasting speakers
Jun 14: YouTuber Allison Raskin launches a new scripted podcast today
Jun 13: Trump and Kim highlights podcast flexibility; and Radiodays Europe Podcast Day
Jun 12: Another record for podcast revenue
Jun 11: Google to launch podcast app in Android's Play Store
Jun 8: BREAKING: Audioboom achieves additional funding. What's next?
Jun 8: A new podcast company launches in the UK
Jun 7: Email promotion for a new podcast; and podcasting is exciting
Jun 6: 25,000 new podcasts since April
Jun 5: Apple Podcasts changes in iOS 12
Jun 4: Podbean launches podcast ad platform
Jun 1: Apple removes podcast re-publisher

May 2018

May 31: Plex adds podcasts
May 30: Apple will soon require secure podcast feeds
May 29: TPX announce more sales partnerships
May 28: Has Google indexed your podcast properly?
May 25: Google Home outselling Amazon Echo
May 24: The biggest brand advertising on podcasts is...
May 23: A new way to manipulate the Apple Podcast Charts
May 22: Cadence13 and MarketSnacks launch new daily financial news podcast
May 21: Podcasts can help overthrow governments
May 18: Wireless Studios launches
May 17: Voce promises interactive show notes for podcasts
May 16: The shows manipulating the Apple Podcast Charts
May 15: Audioboom no longer to take-over Triton Digital: requires urgent funding
May 14: Apple Podcast Charts for sale
May 11: NPR podcasts - now available on Spotify
May 10: Cleanfeed adds a 'pro' option
May 9: Pocket Casts promise they won't change
May 8: Sonix launches 'SEO-friendly' podcast player
May 7: Australian Podcast Awards Winners
May 4: Pocket Casts acquired
May 3: Podcast fans' purchase power, and kids get Alexa skills
May 2: Infinite Dial Australia released
May 1: Breaking: Acast and the BBC partner on international podcast deal

April 2018

Apr 30: 50bn podcast downloads so far: stats from Apple Podcasts
Apr 27: Reese Witherspoon produces a new podcast
Apr 26: Podcast Movement announce scholarships
Apr 25: Peabody Awards: the winners
Apr 24: Google's podcast strategy includes better searching, and more monetisation
Apr 23: Google's podcasting strategy; trolls and weather
Apr 23: Breaking: Google's podcasting strategy 'that could double audiences worldwide'
Apr 20: Edison Research releases Podcast Consumer 2018
Apr 19: An interactive audio drama for smart speakers from Netflix
Apr 18: Eagle Rock Brewery on The Unfiltered Gentlemen
Apr 17: Is audio in Medium's future?
Apr 16: The End of Time approaches
Apr 13: Shot Caller: a new drink culture podcast
Apr 12: Gimlet launch new shows for spring
Apr 11: Pandora 'doubling down' on podcasts
Apr 10: British Podcast Awards: nominations announced
Apr 9: ABC Kids Listen’s Imagine This podcast for pre-schoolers
Apr 6: SBS encourages discussion of TV shows using podcasts
Apr 5: New Hindenburg features
Apr 4: How important are ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews anyway?
Apr 3: 'First Person Immersive' - a new, binaural, podcast
Apr 2: E and J Gallo launch a new wine podcast

March 2018

Mar 30: Wondery raises $5m in funding
Mar 29: Amazon Alexa's Daily Briefing delivers good traffic
Mar 28: The Daily's radio debut; and Audioburst gets into Samsung devices
Mar 27: Breaking: new BBC Podcast Commissioner announced
Mar 27: Jalopnik launches Tempest: true American car stories
Mar 26: Turnstile, a new sports podcast network, launches
Mar 23: ABC News to launch new daily podcast Start Here
Mar 22: Infinite Dial Canada 2018 release date announced
Mar 21: Acast enables demographic targeting with AdsWizz
Mar 20: The effect of podcasts on radio listening
Mar 19: BBC announces new personalised podcast app
Mar 16: Omny Studio releases loudness normalisation tool
Mar 15: Midroll: 74% of podcast listeners recall advertising
Mar 14: Behind the theme tune at The Daily
Mar 13: The NYT to release its first documentary podcast series
Mar 12: Gwyneth Paltrow's podcast, goop, hits number 1
Mar 9: Podcasting continues to grow: Edison Research
Mar 8: Analysis: beer advertising in podcasts
Mar 7: Techmeme Ride Home launches, an afternoon-drive tech news podcast
Mar 6: Audiocraft announces 2018 festival program
Mar 5: Facebook tests voice status updates
Mar 2: Gimlet Media produce a podcast for the Amazon Alexa
Mar 1: Help us with podcast app user-agents, and Ear Hustle returns

February 2018

Feb 28: BBC sees a 12% increase in podcast downloads in UK year-on-year
Feb 27: Acast gets podcasts into new Ford cars
Feb 26: A new Podcast Review website from the LARB
Feb 23: iHeartMedia returns to podtrac's charts
Feb 22: Australian podcast adspend triples in one year, say IAB
Feb 21: How to get your show on Apple's podcast charts
Feb 20: Podmosphere connects podcasters with sponsors
Feb 19: New podcast players for the web
Feb 16: Can you game the Apple podcast charts?
Feb 15: Should you charge guests to appear on your podcast?
Feb 14: NYT's The Daily to also go on radio
Feb 13: Breaking: AudioBoom to buy Triton Digital
Feb 13: VOX Media to launch a new daily podcast
Feb 12: Fun Kids launches a new story podcast for children
Feb 9: Pod Save America heads to HBO
Feb 8: Spotify is world's number 2 podcasting platform
Feb 7: RadioPublic launches 'paid listens' monetisation for podcasters
Feb 6: British Podcast Awards announce their return
Feb 5: No LUFSing matter: we analyse the top podcasts for bitrate and loudness
Feb 2: A look behind the scenes at The NYT's Daily
Feb 1: Dynamo, a new monetisation service, launches

January 2018

Jan 31: BBC launches boring podcast
Jan 30: Podcasts are the advertising holy grail
Jan 29: A Million Ads highlights dynamic advert production
Jan 26: Scripps: radio out, podcasting's the future
Jan 25: New Podtrac rankings, and getting your podcast onto Google Assistant
Jan 24: You can buy your HomePod speaker on Friday
Jan 23: BBC fixes podcast loudness
Jan 22: Helen Zaltzman and Jim Berk interviewed
Jan 19: Spotify announces a new podcast format with pictures
Jan 18: Celebrating ten years of episodes in the party bus
Jan 17: Spotify aims to be a podcast destination
Jan 16: Slate say podcasting is now 25% of revenue
Jan 15: BBC forms special team for voice-controlled speakers
Jan 12: Pandora plans podcast expansion
Jan 11: British podcasting data released
Jan 10: Podcasting goes primetime
Jan 9: At CES, voice and iHeartMedia gets added to everything
Jan 8: The 'Serial successor you've been waiting for'
Jan 5: Edison Research expands offices and promotes their people
Jan 4: Libsyn buys a web hosting company
Jan 3: Podtrac remove iHeartMedia data after podnews report
Jan 2: When podcast analytics go bad
Jan 1: Podcast setups and a look ahead to the rest of 2018

December 2017

Dec 29: Stitcher look back on 2017
Dec 28: Irish podcasting: the audio revolution 'has hit'
Dec 27: Netflix produces a companion podcast to a new TV show
Dec 26: Podtrac splits their 'top podcast charts' into two
Dec 25: Buzzfeed stops making Another Round - but podcast won't close
Dec 22: Podcasts to get into GM cars
Dec 21: Podmio podcast hosting platform launches, and CitiSport Radio wants podcasters
Dec 20: Podcast predictions for 2018
Dec 19: Apple's Podcast Analytics examined, Castro does cloud sync, and audioBoom has a transformational year
Dec 18: Do podcasts have a discovery problem?
Dec 15: Apple launch podcast analytics: now available
Dec 14: Patreon: 'We messed up', cancels fee changes
Dec 13: A new fictional podcast drama debuts in Australia
Dec 12: Branded podcasts: are they a good tool for marketing?
Dec 11: The top podcasts of 2017 revealed
Dec 8: ABC Audio Studios podcast fund goes to second round
Dec 7: Patreon change their charging structure
Dec 6: Apple buys Pop Up Archive to bolster podcast search
Dec 5: Using Amazon Web Services for podcasting
Dec 4: Check your podcast cover-art - and is anyone listening to government podcasts?
Dec 1: Free podcasting MP3 encoder and editor released by Marco Arment

November 2017

Nov 30: WGBH invests in RadioPublic
Nov 29: Podbean gets recommendations from Stabl
Nov 28: Omny Studio launch a podcast automation tool for radio stations
Nov 27: Free podcast transcripts, a special from CKNW and food podcasts
Nov 24: Acast talk data and podcast monetisation
Nov 23: Ear Buds sign Welcome to Patchwork
Nov 22: 46% of young Canadian men listen to podcasts
Nov 21: Libsyn unveil new statistics for September
Nov 20: Sweden launch nationwide weekly podcast stats
Nov 17: CBC's Someone Knows Something breaks records
Nov 16: BNR Nieuwsradio doing 600,000 podcast downloads a month
Nov 15: Understanding public media's most engaged podcast users
Nov 14: Lots of the Apple Podcasts store is broken
Nov 13: Why are live podcasts are so popular?
Nov 10: BBC launches Podcasting House sampler feed to aid discovery
Nov 9: How Mozilla's new podcast got 1m downloads in 7 episodes
Nov 8: Brooklyn podcast pitch, and pinterest for podcasters
Nov 7: Blubrry acquires RSS feed validator
Nov 6: US Post Office pulls host-read ad
Nov 3: Audacity 2.2.0 released, and podcasting press kits
Nov 2: Al Jazeera launches a podcast network, plus premium podcast pricing pretty popular
Nov 1: Acast to go public and the value of niche podcasting

October 2017

Oct 31: How do podcast show notes actually display?
Oct 30: Behind Moonshot, the NYT Daily, and politicians are poor podcasters
Oct 27: iHeart Radio's take on podcasting, plus data from NPR, PRX's tips, and TASCAM's microphones
Oct 26: RAIN Summit Europe complimentary tickets, behind the scenes at The Allusionist, and messing up a live show
Oct 25: A million dollars for Aussie podcasts, and how to stop saying erm
Oct 24: Audio transcriptions, a podcast listener email with 40,000 subscribers, and stories from the Eastern West
Oct 23: New Spreaker player, and social media strategies for podcasters
Oct 20: Money for your documentary podcast; podcast reviews; and how bad is iOS11's podcast app really?
Oct 19: Farmer says podcasting is now his main income; and Ricky Gervais is back
Oct 18: New Podtrac figures, and Podcasting for Dummies
Oct 17: The golden age of gay podcasting
Oct 16: Remainiacs podcast reports success, and S-Town inhabitant on trial
Oct 12: How to promote your business podcast, host-read ads and beer
Oct 11: Google buy 60db; behind the scenes at the NYT Daily
Oct 10: How important is a feature on the Apple Podcasts front page?
Oct 9: Ads on trams, video from Werk It, how to get advertising for your podcast
Oct 6: Chicago Podcast Festival, Werk It, and PIY2017
Oct 5: Google's new launches, Podomatic does a deal, PodcastOne hires new execs
Oct 4: Kids podcasts, and the 2017 Podcast Awards winners
Oct 3: Watch Ignite Podcast Movement, plus Aussies doing well in podcasting
Oct 2: Boston Globe works with WBUR; Spotify release UK podcast stats

September 2017

Sep 29: Anchor gets funding; where to submit your podcast
Sep 27: Joe Biden launches a podcast, Ewan Spence records 500, and a gun
Sep 26: Ed Miliband has a podcast; and a smart speaker audio study
Sep 25: Creating the perfect thumbnails and ads, plus a look back at three audio conferences
Sep 21: Acast raises $19.5m, Wavve updates free tier, interactive audio drama
Sep 20: The Penguin Podcast, Libsyn stats to decrease, TuneIn's First Play
Sep 19: Edison Research's Megan Lazovick presents, plus monetising podcasting
Sep 15: Podcasts help learning; tips to lowering podcast producing stress; and Ringr
Sep 14: SCA launches PodcastOne Australia; and a successful car mechanic podcast
Sep 13: Die Zeit launches new podcasts, Apple launch new things, and a new app for ABC
Sep 12: International podcast day, and podcasting's deadly sins
Sep 11: Next Radio, interactive crime podcasts, Futurama, and radio working together with podcasting
Sep 8: $1m podcast fund for Australia, new US stats for podcasting, and London Podcast Festival
Sep 7: Australian podcast data; new head of podcasts at Spotify; audioBoom revenue up; Gimlet gets ad agency investment
Sep 6: audioBoom adds a subscription fee, Osher signs with Whooshkaa, Bitcoin podcatcher
Sep 1: Spotify loses podcast boss, HowStuffWorks gets $15m

August 2017

Aug 31: Anchor debuts editing-by-word on mobile; and political podcasting
Aug 30: The Atlantic launches a new podcast, plus Podcasting for Dummies ed.3 now available
Aug 29: Audioburst Search, Podchaser and three podcasting events to go to
Aug 28: Podcast Movement revisited; a new Aussie boss for Acast; Ear Hustle; Mechanical Turk
Aug 25: Radio at Podcast Movement, PodcastOne partner posts healthy profits, and Spotify reaches WMG agreement
Aug 24: Spreaker and BlogTalkRadio merge, and Art19 raises $7.5m in funding
Aug 23: Half of all US households listen to podcasts, and the New Yorker loves Michael Barbaro
Aug 22: News on-demand, #PM17 starts soon, and ZCast podcast app gets upgrade
Aug 21: An Apple podcast chart loophole? And how podcasting makes you a better broadcaster.
Aug 19: Steve Bannon's exit prompts additional podcasts
Aug 18: Russia, Louisville, and a job in NYC
Aug 17: Embed any podcast anywhere, plus a new children's podcast series
Aug 16: Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port return, and a Canadian podcast celebrates 500 episodes
Aug 15: CBS Radio signs with Omny Studio, New York City government touts podcasting industry, and tips from Adam Carolla.
Aug 14: Irish podcasts, SoundCloud okay for now, and how many people work in podcasting in NYC
Aug 11: Inside an iTunes podcast feature, and SoundCloud could have only a few hours left
Aug 10: More speakers for OzPod, New Yorker debuts a podcast review column, and fitness fanatics love podcasts
Aug 9: Audio producer salaries, a new app that isn't a podcast player, and the top podcast publishers for July
Aug 8: Podcast troll vanquished, making money, and cloud technology for podcasts
Aug 7: Legal podcasts, Acast, and how to keep surprises fresh for on-mic
Aug 4: Marketing podcasts, plus UK listening and Entercom invests in podcasting
Aug 3: Guardian's Football Weekly loses its host, plus a podcast musical and why not to speed up podcast listening too much
Aug 2: Gimlet Media raise new cash, SoundCloud gets new hope (and a post-mortem pre-mortem), and podcasts outlast iPods
Aug 1: The world's biggest kids podcaster, Omny Studio gets into Spotify, and a stage play about podcasting

July 2017

Jul 28: A podcast app for kids, plus Deezer gets AudioBoom podcasts, and S-Town's Brian Reed
Jul 27: PRX's Podcast Garage, Up First vs The Daily, and Next Radio
Jul 26: The Current seeks podcast host, and an ad agency on the paradigm shift with podcast ads
Jul 25: Foreign radio podcasts with subtitles, plus kids podcasts
Jul 24: New podcasts in sport, business, parenting and Vegas, plus two conferences on Sep 8
Jul 21: The misappreciated art of podcasting, speed listening, and Hollywood
Jul 20: Aussie podcast research, and Pocket Casts on Sonos
Jul 19: Breaking: the hidden, built-in, podcast app in your Android phone
Jul 18: Speed-listening, a 94 year-old podcaster, and release forms
Jul 17: The next big genre for podcasting, plus jobs and a guide for journalists
Jul 14: How to sponsor a podcast well, plus dentists, scientists and murderers
Jul 13: IAB's new podcast measurement guidelines, Edison Research's Tom Webster, and podcasting to increase in popularity
Jul 12: Panoply works with Nielsen for targeted podcast ads, and are we at peak podcast?
Jul 11: June's top podcasters, will analytics change podcasting, and Everyone Else
Jul 10: How to sell podcasts, half-price podcast app, and a podcast with a 50/50 gender split for guests
Jul 7: How to get your podcast featured in iTunes; and the rise of the audiogram
Jul 5: A true-crime podcast finds more clues, and smaller audiences are good too
Jul 4: A critique of ESPN's 30 for 30, and a talk about podcasting's future by a design anthropologist
Jul 3: Enhanced analytics from Spreaker, kind of; plus praise for ESPN's 30 for 30.

June 2017

Jun 30: How to add your podcasts to Spotify: and they're coming to Android
Jun 29: Lessons from an NPR producer, get your podcast critiqued, new podcast from Microsoft
Jun 28: How would you sell a podcast in a store? Plus 2017 revenues and Pandora closes in Aus/NZ.
Jun 27: Where is Microsoft in podcasting? New hires for Midroll, and tips for journalists
Jun 26: Research from Nielsen about podcast profiles, and Edison Research about smart audio
Jun 23: How NPR approaches advertising in podcasts, plus a free podcasting event in Canada, and is podcasting ruining radio?
Jun 22: Interview with Ira Glass on interviews, plus acast, a new TED podcast, and discovery ideas
Jun 21: Next Radio conference, podcasting to come to Google, and Ira Glass talks
Jun 20: Successful podcast music, Tom Webster on Apple's analytics, and most successful podcast formats
Jun 19: A science podcast for kids, video prerolls, and a podcast gets man out of jail
Jun 16: Behind the world's largest women's podcast network, Lore, Helen Zaltzman, Roman Mars, and Audible
Jun 15: AudioBoom's boom-time, plus prison podcasts, Podtrac and Primedia
Jun 14: Current event podcasting, more on Apple's analytics and RSS changes, and Radiodays Europe's podcasting day
Jun 13: More on Apple's analytics, plus why you should be on 60db and a new golden age of drama
Jun 12: Apple to add podcast analytics, enable series and custom order for podcasts
Jun 9: Leela links to Patreon, plus Otto Radio and podcasting (and radio's) resurgence
Jun 7: Changes coming to Apple Podcast app, plus sign-in for iPlayer and a new Nova podcast star
Jun 6: Apple's HomePod new voice assistant, plus podcasting's distributed future
Jun 5: NPR's podcast analytics, plus audio's bright future and archiving podcasting
Jun 2: ABC in Australia goes podcast-first, US podcast ad figures, podcasts get 3% share of ear in Canada
Jun 1: Ad agency podcasts, subscription podcasts apparently work, Adam Curry's Podcaster Pro

May 2017

May 31: Podcast app reviews, writing with sound course, Apple has podcast studio
May 30: Update for Castro, US music rights, automated podcasting

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