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Luminary launches - without some popular podcasts

Luminary launches - without some popular podcasts

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  • Luminary, the self-styled “Netflix of podcasting”, launches officially today. As The Verge points out, Luminary doesn’t have The Daily from the New York Times in it - an in-app message grumpily recommends alternative podcasts. Podcasts from Spotify, Gimlet Media and Anchor are also unavailable. Perhaps surprisingly, it does contain BBC content. The Verge’s Dieter Bohn calls this “the upcoming podcast wars”.

    “Because Luminary’s business model is new, unproven, and frankly opaque in how it plans to monetize its free tier, we are being especially cautious regarding the potential to automatically distribute Anchor creators’ content, without knowing exactly how it will affect their podcasts.”—Michael Mignano, Anchor co-founder, explains why Anchor has not allowed Luminary to list their podcasts

  • Available in Canada, the UK, Australia and the US, Luminary is priced at US$7.99/month (but a third cheaper for Australians oddly). We tested the website with a Brazilian IP address, where Luminary is not supported: every page, even for free podcasts, forwards to a page explaining Luminary is unavailable. (Add ?country=US to the end of the URL).

  • Yes, your podcast is there already. Luminary links now appear in our podcast pages, like this for Gladiator, and our availability page now includes Luminary too. Here’s how to add your podcast if it isn’t there already. Luminary’s base directory was taken from Apple Podcasts before October 20th and podcasts since deleted from Apple’s database have not been removed from Luminary’s directory. There is no contact point for how to achieve removal of podcasts.

    This link is no longer available, as at Aug 12 2023
  • Audioburst, a speech search engine, has received a further $10m of funding from an advertising agency and a car company. Hyundai’s investment will power “an engaging, screen-free and original-voice experience” in their vehicles.

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  • A new show from the Australian ABC, Democracy Sausage, is “not on iTunes” - the curiously-titled program is only available “in the ABC Listen app”. This isn’t, though, a decision to trial exclusivity: as a very short-term made-for-radio program about next month’s Australian Federal Election, a spokesperson tells us “we consider it as catch-up radio rather than a podcast”, hence why it’s not appearing in (any) third-party podcast feeds. Aunty’s not gone mad.

  • How to break into podcast advertising” is a crash course for advertisers from Megaphone, including advice on style, sound and best practice. Megaphone have also posted a piece looking at Game of Thrones podcasts. There are many of them.

    Aug 12 2023: This broken link now points to the Internet Archive.
  • 25% of all Brazilians listen to podcasts “regularly”, according to statistics quoted by IAB Brazil in an article discussing podcast advertising in the country.

    This link is no longer available, as at Aug 12 2023


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