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Amazon Music names RedHanded British podcast of 2023

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  • Why has The Changelog never gone viral? In a piece on the podcast’s blog, Jerod Santo mentions one issue that is both a benefit to us - that audio is a multitasking medium - and a drawback: “the complementary nature of audio means you’re rarely in sharing mode when consuming. I’m not going to stop my workout when I have the urge to share something right after I’ve heard it, for example, and by the time I’ve finished working out I’ve long forgotten the urge.”

  • RaiPlay Sound, the audio app from the Italian public service broadcaster, launched a number of exclusives including Almeno Credo, based on L’eternità stanca by Errico Buonanno.

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  • Podcast Marketing Magic looks at predictions for techniques to marketing your show in 2024.

  • Frank Racioppi covers four trends that might endanger podcasting this year. True crime podcasts, celebrities using ‘reputational cleansing”, and misinformation are among the trends discussed. “In reality, active, sustainable independent podcasts have crested and are falling faster than Elon Musk’s sanity.”

Tips and tricks

  • Podspike has published its top podcast marketing lessons from 2023. Awards aren’t just for the elite, it says.
  • Happy New Year - it’s 2024 and time to update your copyright year in your podcast hosting company’s details, if you use it. Copyright © 2024 Your Company looks much better than stinky old 2023.

The Tech Stuff - with RSS․com

  • Dave Jones has built a way to follow your favourite podcast using ActivityPub (like Mastodon). Follow the user @(podcastindexid) to get updates every time a new show is available. will get you the Podnews Weekly Review, as one example.

    • We’re also on ActivityPub: will find us.
  • YouTube

    Want to hack your way to seeing what YouTube’s podcast homepage look like in other countries? No need for a VPN - just add ?gl=CA to the podcast homepage URL, where CA is the two-letter country code you want. (You can only use this if your region has a podcast homepage of its own though).

  • Umbilical is a set of tools for podcast PWAs. It offers an RSS proxy, access to search, and a relay for podping events.

Podcast News - with Airwave

Podcast data for Jan 1

#1 in Apple Podcasts
The Bible Recap (Tara-Leigh Cobble)
The Rest Is History (Goalhanger Podcasts)

#1 in Spotify
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)

Over the last week, 143,452 podcasts published at least one new episode (down 16.9%). source


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