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Podcast co-listening is most popular in the car

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Thank you. About four hours ago, we hit subscriber number 25,000. Thank you to Neal, and to everyone who posted about us on your socials.

  • The RØDE X is coming, says a mysterious YouTube video.

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  • Evergreen Podcasts is making popular HR podcast The Chad and Cheese Podcast in four additional languages: French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Edison Research and NPR will release The Spoken Word Audio Report on Oct 27. Edison Research has shared some data from their Share of Ear study, showing that more people listen to personality and talk shows on podcasts than on the radio.

  • In France, ACPM’s ranker says downloads are up 18% year-on-year. Transfert from Slate (not that Slate) is #1.

  • The TV production arm of Comcast in the UK, Sky Studios has signed a first-look deal for Tortoise Media’s podcasts.

  • Apparently, Instagram influencer Mike Graham is “on track to become the future of podcasting”. The article doesn’t explain why, but does mention he’s producing a podcast called Fried vs Tapped which will come out later this year, in video.

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Podcast News - with Lemonada Media

V Interesting with V Spehar
With Lemonada Media: TikTok superstar V Spehar sometimes needs more than a minute to bring you the news! The Under the Desk News creator offers funny, insightful commentary every Tuesday and Friday on V Interesting.
Podnews Weekly Review
The weekly review show from Podnews, Podland, this week has Todd Cochrane talking about the early days of his podcast Geek News Central; and Alban Brooke with new things from Buzzsprout.
Decoder with Nilay Patel
Decoder with Nilay Patel had Mark Zuckerberg on this week as a guest. The boss of Meta talked about the new Quest Pro headset and said: “There’s some reason why you want to do the podcast in person. There’s a connection that you have in person. There’s a reason why you didn’t want to do this over Zoom.”
Blood Town
Tune into 48 Hours on CBS tomorrow (10pm/9c), and you’ll see the host and creator of true-crime podcast Blood Town, Penny Dearmin. She was interviewed on two occasions for Saturday’s broadcast about her experience with the show’s featured case, the strange death of Dr Shockley, and her two-years-long correspondence with the once-accused and now-acquitted Marcus Lillard.
Pod Save America
Pod Save America has a special guest of President Barack Obama in its next episode. He last appeared two years ago, before Trump lost the election, and before the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol Building.
Spotify: Discover This
Spotify released its latest episode of Spotify: Discover This focused on its audiobooks strategy and the culture around audiobooks. The episode features discussions with various \ industry professionals such as New York Times bestselling author Olivie Blake, SVP of Content Production at Penguin Random House Audio Dan Zitt, and famed audiobook narrators Julia Whelan and Bahni Turpin. The hosts also talk with Nir Zicherman, Spotify’s Global Head of Audiobooks about his vision for audiobooks in the future.
Uncurated is back for a new season, based on objects inside the University of Melbourne’s twelve museums and collections. The first episode topped the iTunes Australia charts for Visual Arts podcasts: we’re told “we had a launch party and we wanted to see if we could make that happen if we got everyone attending to subscribe and give us five stars at the same time and, so far, it worked!” Shhh.

Podcast ads in the wild

Mysteries of Science

Mysteries of Science
Within Science+Nature magazine, a podcast appears! Mysteries of Science is named after a feature in the UK magazine (which is for 8 to 12 yr olds) and aims to answer some of the universe’s biggest questions. It’s produced by Fun Kids.

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