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Podcast News

Were You Raised By Wolves?
The etiquette and manners podcast Were You Raised By Wolves has launched merch: but along with mugs, stickers and, um, flip-flops, they’re also offering stationery. Rather beautiful stationery.
Anorak: The Happy Podcast For Kids
The Happy Podcast for Kids launches tomorrow: an ad-free podcast encouraging children to ask questions about the world around us and learn and provide a shared experience with those who have the answers.
SmartLess is apparently being shopped around for $20m. As Bloomberg says, “The market for podcasting rights is growing a lot faster than the actual market for podcasts.”
Neutrinowatch is an interesting fiction podcast, which changes its episodes a little bit every day. If you stream the show, you’ll get the latest version - the website warns you not to use Spotify.
Million Bazillion
Million Bazillion returns for a second season today. It’s a kids’ podcast from Marketplace, produced by American Public Media, that tackles big questions from little people about money.
The Bag System - Dissociative Identity Disorder
I Have Alternate Personalities; I’m Just One of Them.” Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Melissa begins each episode of The Bag System podcast with an intro reel that features a few of the genuine voices of her Headmates, and aims to reach those who share the condition and those who are supportive.
Windfall is a new series from NHPR’s Outside/In podcast - looking at offshore wind and the brand-new American industry that has sprung up around it.

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