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Spotify now has 250,000 video podcasts

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  • Buzzsprout has rolled out a “fresh new look” - for its customers only, for now. Expect a greener green, a crisper and more modern feel, and… the company’s new logo. Here’s a sneak peek. The new font family for the company is Graphik.

  • Google Podcasts appears to have finally been turned off internationally, a week late. It’s still available to install on Google Play, though, which must be confusing for new podcast users, because the app doesn’t do anything any more. We hope they remove it from there soon.

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    Podcast Perspectives
    Play trailerOn the latest Podcast Perspectives, Jeff Umbro speaks to Sean Howard, the CEO and founder of Flightpath Software Inc., a predictive podcast analytics platform. Together, they discuss the ways that podcast ad buying has evolved over the years, and what Sean predicts this space will look like in the future.
    Podcasting 2.0
    In Podcasting 2.0 this week, Dave and Adam are joined by Ben and Alberto from RSS.com, and discuss a potential option for podcast monetisation in eCash.
    Everything Everywhere Daily
    Play trailerEverything Everywhere Daily has just celebrated its 30 millionth download, and its fourth anniversary. Production of the daily educational podcast, which has hit number 1 on the Apple History Charts and #13 overall, remains a solo effort, with host Gary Arndt doing all of the production, research, and recording. Its stats are openly available via OP3.
    The Daily Stoic
    Play trailerRyan Holiday from The Daily Stoic has announced two UK and Ireland tour dates in November. The show has had more than 150mn downloads across the world.
    Space Vacation, The Musical
    Play trailerOn vacation right now? Space Vacation, The Musical is the sci-fi musical for the whole family - a joyous, fun, uplifting musical romp around the universe. These folks might be from another planet, but they crave a vacation as much any earthling. It’s hosted and created by Jonathan L. Segal.
    The American Miracle with Michael Medved
    Play trailerThe American Miracle with Michael Medved is new today - the popular national radio host examines improbable coincidences in American history… coincidences that some call miraculous. It’s part of the Airwave Media network.

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Podcast data for Jul 1

#1 in Apple Podcasts
US flag Drowning Creek (Wavland)
JP flag 歴史を面白く学ぶコテンラジオ (COTEN RADIO) (COTEN inc.)

#1 in Spotify
US flag The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
JP flag 安住紳一郎の日曜天国 (TBS RADIO)

Over the last week, 193,078 podcasts published at least one new episode (down 0.3%). source

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