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Dave Winer and Adam Curry
kris krüg (CC-BY)

Trade Secrets: hear the show again

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  • One of the original podcasts, Trade Secrets with Dave Winer and Adam Curry, has returned to podcast apps. The podcast ran from Sept 2004 to Jan 2005, and includes discussions about the name “podcasting”, iPodder, the open nature of the medium, and old-fashioned cellphones. With the permission of both Dave and Adam, to preserve our history we’ve given it a modern RSS feed, so you can listen in your own podcast app. (It’s also available in any new podcast app that uses the Podcast Index).

  • We need to do a better job, says Elsie Escobar, of keeping our own historical records. She has written a post focusing on four Black podcast creators. Meanwhile, the EarBuds Podcast Collective - which celebrates its sixth anniversary this week - shares podcasts about Black history.

  • Audio storytelling podcast network Realm sees the best marketing opportunities for new shows in dynamically-inserted ads in their own network - which work almost ten times better than ad swaps, the company says. The team will do a Reddit AMA tomorrow in /r/podcasting.

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Podcast News

Trade Secrets
Hey live from everywhere at anytime its nothing at all! Trade Secrets is one of the oldest podcasts in the world: episode one was recorded before the name 'podcast’ had even been chosen. It also didn’t have an image thumbnail - Apple added those the following year. Dave Winer and Adam Curry’s show returns to podcast apps today.Apple
Trailer Park: The Podcast Trailer Podcast
Trailer Park: The Podcast Trailer Podcast is new today from Arielle Nissenblatt and Tim Villegas. “We feature one (short) trailer on each episode and then discuss it a bit”. The goal is to help listeners find shows they’ll love, to help creators get their projects funded, and to help creators learn best practices for audio creation.
New Podcast Trailers
Podnews’s New Podcast Trailers feed of course contains a trailer for Trailer Park, the podcast trailer podcast, because that’s how it works. Find more trailers every day from the Podnews newsletter, delivered right to your podcast player.Podnews
The Athletic Football Show: A show about the NFL
The Athletic Football Show contains a miniseries that starts today - Between The Lines, a show about what it means to be Black in the NFL. Tashan Reed talks to more than two dozen people involved with the NFL to to discuss their experience operating in an organization that has historically been run by white men and failed to support or promote diversity.The Athletic
Equal Parts
Equal Parts is a series of true love stories about how people meet; and it returns for a new season today, Valentine’s Day. From secretive workplace flirtations, to seduction-by-poetry, to a bewildering connection found at 30,000 feet, each story is told by the couple that lived it.

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