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Train tracks. This is a pun on Podtrac, but we appreciate it isn't very strong
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Top shows up 7% in August, say Podtrac

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This week, the EarBuds Podcast Collective carries five podcast episodes about neurodivergent podcasters, curated by Joe Wells.

Advertisers don’t really want to know who you are - they want to show diaper ads to people who have babies, not to show them to people who don’t, and to have some sense of which ads drove half a million sales and which ads drove a million sales. Targeting ads per se doesn’t seem fundamentally evil, unless you think putting car ads in car magazines is also evil. - Benedict Evans, writing about ads, privacy and confusion

Moves and hires - with Sugar23 Audio

The Tech Stuff - with

  • Rogue Amoeba takes us through how the company redesigned Audio Hijack 4, an audio capture program.

  • Balcao claims it is a new decentralised podcast platform. It uses the blockchain; a web app is due shortly.

  • The dump of Podcast Index data, to be found at the bottom of the Podcast Index website, now has newestEnclosureDuration as a new field. This shows the duration of the latest audio file, in seconds.

  • Podcast Index’s websites are no longer going to store any user’s email address. Emails will be stored hashed in future, according to Dave Jones speaking in the Podcasting 2.0 podcast board meeting.

  • Dave Jones boosts Friday's rather subdued edition of Podnews: “Good run down today. The Alby tool looks great.” It does; the “live” view also shows streaming sats, letting you see people listening. Hello, too, to @RealCoachAndy, @nick, @mattcicino and @criptocenas for your boosts. Try boosting us using the Fountain app.

Tips and tricks

Podcast News - with Lemonada Media

In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt
From Lemonada Media: Every day, the world seems on the brink of crisis. In In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt when overlapping crises and a relentless news cycle overwhelm Americans, Andy finds the right helpers to help us move forward together.
Historia en Podcast
In Argentina, Historia en Podcast is the #1 podcast: hosted by a secondary school teacher. La Voz, an Argentinian newspaper, takes up the story of how the show became so successful.
Bone Valley
Lava for Good Podcasts and iHeartMedia have joined forces to distribute Lava for Good’s slate of shows. Bone Valley is the first new podcast under the partnership: an investigative journey through the swamps and courtrooms of central Florida in a search for truth and justice in the wrongful conviction of Leo Schofield. It launches next week.
Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates
Should we search for extraterrestrial life? In Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates, one expert argues yes, and one argues no. Astronomer and SETI Institute co-founder Jill Tarter thinks we should; theoretical cosmologist and Science Channel host Paul Sutter argues that we shouldn’t.
Phantom Power
Phantom Power, a podcast that investigates the power of sound, will return this week for its fourth season. The show is hosted and produced by Mack Hagood, an author and sound professor; he’ll be joined by guests including Dallas Taylor from Twenty Thousand Hertz, podcast host Karen Tongson and acoustic ecologist Hildegard Westerkamp.

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Number one for podcasts - Sep 12

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