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Historical blog post resurfaces

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Tips and tricks

The Tech Stuff - with

Last week, Samsung Free's new auto-play feature, which kicks in as soon as a user hits the “Listen” tab in the app (here’s a quick screen capture), meant significant extra traffic for podcasts.

The audio useragent contains not just Dalvik/2.1.0 but also, later in the string, SM-**** Build/ (an identifier of the Samsung Mobile model being used). Dalvik is standard code used within Android - much like AppleCoreMedia has been for Apple.

Some podcast hosting companies have blocked the “Dalvik” useragent entirely. However, blocking Dalvik - even with the Samsung model numbers - will also block, among other things, Google News’s audio player, which uses an identical audio useragent. At least one app powered by Podcast Index also uses this generic Dalvik useragent along with PodcastAddict, and Indian podcast app Gaana also retains Dalvik in its useragent.

As we covered on Friday, these downloads are coming from RSS feeds scraped using feedparser/6.0.8; for our own data, we’re not seeing this scraper used for anything else. Marking the audio download with a code for the RSS useragent, as we do, could allow more accurate filtering of this traffic.

Podcast News - with CBC Podcasts

From CBC Podcasts #2 is: Uncover. Our award-winning true crime umbrella brings you deep into a new investigation each season, with a host deeply connected. Get exclusive access to the heart of the story.
Podnews Extra
Wanted to hear the first steps of podcasting? Podnews Extra has a short documentary showing how podcasting got started and who gave podcasting its name.
The Confidence Chronicles
The Confidence Chronicles has been named Podcast Of The Year at the Roar Success Awards in Brisbane QLD, Australia. This is the second award it has won in the last two months, as it was also named Podcast Of The Year at the AusMumpreneur Awards.
Finding Beautiful Strangers
Finding Beautiful Strangers may be an example of 'the third thing’ that Tom Webster wrote about recently; not entirely a podcast, but not entirely an audiobook; not entirely a 12-part story, but not entirely a set of individual stories either. Abby Wallach shares her inspirations and her journey as a serial entrepreneur, with experiences, listener tips and insights. It was produced by Marc Raco.
The Interruption
You’re watching the news on TV, when all of a sudden the picture wobbles and a strange alien voice, calling himself Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, starts giving orders to live in peace or leave the galaxy. That happened 45 years ago this week in the South of England. The Interruption looks at the mysterious voice, and what it could have been. It’s new today from Stak.

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