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  • Get ready for a brand new rewrite and redesign of popular independent iOS podcast app Overcast, according to developer Marco Arment on the latest Under the Radar podcast. It’s due to be released before Overcast’s tenth birthday, on July 16 - with a different look and feel.

  • This American Life is to be exclusively sold by National Public Media. The show had been represented by The New York Times. Ira Glass is also going to voice a host-read ad within the show for the first time. (That might explain why The New York Times is no longer listed as a publisher in Podtrac, as we noted earlier this week).

  • Plink now supports YouTube Music on its smart podcast link pages. This page for Stuff You Should Know is a good example. It should open YouTube Music directly on Android phones.

  • ai|coustics has launched an API for its audio quality enhancement tool. Similar to Descript’s Sudio Sound and Adobe Podcasts’s “Enhance Speech” tool, it can remove all background noise - the API allows easier access and enhanced tools.

  • Podcast listeners in the UK are more likely to listen while walking, or to listen while on public transport, than podcast listeners in the US, says Edison Research’s Podcast Metrics.

  • What’s up with TuneIn, which powers many devices including Tesla cars and Sonos speakers? On January 5, the company disabled their “add podcast” form - and that’s still the case more than six months later. The company tells us “Unfortunately, we are currently unavailable to provide you with any updates.”

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    Crimes We Forgot
    Play trailerCrimes We Forgot is a different style of trume crime podcast - looking at crimes from the early 20th century: most of which haven’t had any coverage in decades. The latest episode dropped yesterday, and is about a New York City police officer who went to the electric chair in 1915 for murder. It’s hosted by Jeff Billington.
    Empathy For The Devil
    Play trailerEmpathy For The Devil launches today from podcast producer Message Heard and Attune, a dedicated provider of mental health and well-being services to talent-based industries. Each episode is a journey into one iconic musician, using their life story as a lens to understand them as individuals beyond societal judgments, unravelling their personal stories with empathy and understanding⁠⁠.
    The Nat Coombs Show
    Play trailerSport Social has signed Hickory’s Smokehouse as a sponsor of The Nat Coombs Show. The UK show covers the NFL.
    The True Story of the Fake Zombies
    Play trailerIt’s 1969. A British band, The Zombies have just had a big hit in America - but a) they don’t know that, and b) they’ve broken up anyway. That wasn’t to stop a US music promoter, who sent out two fake bands on the road to pretend to be The Zombies instead… including two band members who’d go on to play in ZZ Top - Frank Beard and Dusty Hill. The True Story of the Fake Zombies is new today from iHeartPodcasts.
    Opal Watson: Private Eye
    Kids show Opal Watson: Private Eye returns for a new season this week. The show is by Pinna, a division of Realm, and follows the adventures of 11-year-old Opal, who runs a thriving mystery-solving business.
    Land of the Giants
    Play trailerVox Media’s Land of the Giants looks at Disney in a new season called The Disney Dilemma - Disney’s trajectory from a small animation studio to one of the largest companies in the world, and the leadership struggles and competition it currently faces as it looks toward the future. It’s the narrative podcast’s tenth season.

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#1 in Spotify
US flag The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
IN flag The Stories of Mahabharata (Sudipta Bhawmik)

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