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Company plans to cut out podcast ads

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  • Auddia has announced it will automatically remove ads from podcasts in its app, called faidr, in early 2024. The company says it will launch with the top 200 most popular shows, and will initially bundle ad-free shows into its $5.99/month plan. Users can also request additional shows for future commercial-free listening.

  • Podcast creators won’t need to sign any agreement with Auddia to have their show carried and their ads stripped. “Our app is really just acting as a smart recorder, and allows users to automatically skip commercial breaks on supported shows. Because of that distinction, and that we don’t technically alter the episodes in any way, we don’t necessarily need an agreement to proceed,” a spokesperson for the company told Podnews via email, adding: “because of how our technology works, it doesn’t result in less revenue for podcasters any more than someone manually skipping an ad, which to my knowledge doesn’t negatively affect revenue per episode today.” The company does, however, plan to offer a partnership with creators in the future, offering what it calls “attractive revenue-per-listener-per-episode.”

  • We asked how podcast creators can request their shows to be removed from Auddia’s platform. “Why opt-out if no harm is being done?” the company responded.

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Podcast promotion in the wild


Acast in Oslo

Zero To Travel Podcast
Podnews reader Jason, who hosts the 10 year-old Zero To Travel podcast (on Spotify’s Megaphone), was at the Christmas Market in Oslo, Norway, on a family holiday: “when I spotted a podcast recording booth of all things set up by Acast. Random!” Checking the weather, it feels like -11°C (12°F) there today, so surely this studio’s missing some warm glasses of gløgg?

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ELECTRO GHETTO - mit Bushido & Marvin California (Anis Ferchichi)

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