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Spotify Podcaster Wrapped
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Spotify wraps up some stats

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  • Spotify has launched 2022 Podcaster Wrapped, “a treasure trove of growth insights and data” about your podcast - and offers plenty of bragging rights. (For seven people, the Podnews Daily is their most listened-to podcast, apparently.)

  • Buzzsprout has posted its network statistics for November. The only regularly released IAB-compliant numbers, the numbers show a slight drop for Apple Podcasts (now 38.2% of all downloads), and a smaller rise for Spotify (up to 26.6%). Google Podcasts is the third largest podcast app, with 2.7% of all downloads.

    • Buzzsprout don’t give any AppleCoreMedia traffic to Apple Podcasts, so Apple’s figures are higher in reality (we estimate 4.5% higher); but Apple has automated downloads by default, which Spotify or Google do not. We estimate unlistened-to downloads in Apple Podcasts represent 31% of all these downloads, though Apple doesn’t agree. After all that, though, Apple’s revised share of 29.8% of all listens still makes it #1.
  • Magellan AI is announcing a new collaboration with Experian: the Experian Identity Graph will power Attribution by Magellan AI, the company’s new attribution platform.

Thank you to remote audio company Cleanfeed, who have updated their support. When the Emmy award-winning company originally supported us, Patreon only did US dollars, but Cleanfeed just switched to their preferred currency of UK pounds instead. You can do that too, here.

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People Spooning
People Spooning has just featured a week of actors from Stranger Things. The podcast is hosted by Tristan Spohn who played Two in the show, so perhaps that’s why he was able to book Audrey Holcomb (Eden Bingham), and Logan Riley Bruner (Fred Benson). The show focuses on the tipping points in their acting careers that led to booking professional work.
Cookery by the Book
Cookery by the Book is to end after seven years. The show achieved more than 2.5 million downloads. Host Suzy Chase will work on sister podcast Decorating by the book, and is collaborating with Vizzy to release enhanced episodes on popular podcast apps.
How to Really Run a City
By 2050, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities, and How to Really Run a City is new from The Philadelphia Citizen, telling us how mayors and their teams should be innovating. It’s hosted by Kasim Reed (Atlanta’s mayor from 2010 to 2018) and Michael Nutter (Philadelphia’s mayor from 2008 to 2016); and, fittingly for a podcast from Philadelphia, is hosted by Libsyn, who are based there.
Working It
Four days work for five days pay? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But this is what is being offered to 3,500 employees in the UK right now. Working It, the Financial Time’s premier workplace trends podcast, follows four companies in this radical experiment.Is it possible to have 100% productivity for 80% of the time and 100% of the pay? The mini-series starts today, and naturally lasts for four days; it’s produced by Novel.
Armchair Adventures
The British tradition of a pantomime is a bit difficult to explain to someone who has no idea what one is - so in the latest episode of the podcast for kids, Armchair Adventures, let Connie and a bunch of school kids tell you all about it with a sing-and-dance along of the top ten panto ingredients 'Top of the Panto Bits!' It’s full of bad jokes, celebrity guests and happy endings… Oh no it isn’t, oh yes it is!
Charm Words Español: Afirmaciones Diarias Para Niños
Charm Words Español: Afirmaciones Diarias Para Niños launches today - the first-ever Spanish-language daily affirmations podcast for children. The podcast offers family-friendly, psychologist-approved daily positive affirmations meant to teach children mental health and self-awareness tools such as combating negative thoughts, self-esteem, conflict resolution, and more.

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