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Podcast predictions for 2018

Podcast predictions for 2018

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  • A well-sourced article from Pacific Content gives their eight major podcast predictions for 2018.

    Pacific Content
  • Also from Canada, The Tyee focuses on Canada’s podcast makers; and the political podcasts you should be listening to right now from ipolitics: a mix of North American podcasts.

  • Richard Miron from Earshot Strategies looks at 2017's year in podcasting. “The sheer numbers of programmes staking a claim in the new world of online audio, has created some chaos and confusion.”

  • The fall-out of Apple Podcast Analytics continues. Fast Company calls it a good start, but we need more data, pointing out that much listening occurs away from Apple’s measured platforms.

    Jul 28 2023: This broken link now points to the Internet Archive.Apple
    • Yesterday, I asked about why 'consumption’ figures sometimes show that listeners have enjoyed 107% of a podcast. Responses, including one from Gimlet Media no less, says that it is “re-listens”. “I’m assuming that with a show the length of yours, there are few people who do not make it through and so listeners who replay the episode bring it up to 107%”, one respondent tells me. (The podcast we spotted 107% on is normally four minutes long; podnews’s own is always under two). We’ve since seen a podcast with a consumption figure of 440%. If it is people rewinding and re-listening, it skews the consumption figure enough to make it entirely useless. You’d have thought that a more useful stat would be capped at 100% per device. As it is, it could be that everyone stops listening after ten seconds, apart from the one person who puts the podcast on repeat for the whole day.Gimlet
  • AudioBoom shares slid 17% yesterday on news of its projected £4.5 million loss. The shares are down 23% since Friday.

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  • For technology companies: Radioplayer is re-tendering its technology and support contract. The service powers radio-owned aggregators for live and on-demand audio in the UK, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Austria, Peru and others.

  • An article about a local podcaster in Shoalhaven NSW, Australia, who has produced Self Starter, “to inspire, motivate, reassure and become a resource for anyone who’s self employed or looking to become self employed.”

  • There’ll be more training from PRX next year: they’ve got a US$465,000 grant to expand their current offering.

  • NYC-based podcast producer Midroll announces a Make-A-Wish podcast mini-series. Audible is donating US$1 per listener, up to US$25,000, to the charity, which helps children with critical illnesses.

    Audible Midroll

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