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April 2018

Where to find our podcast - and where to add yours
We have a daily podcast. Here's where to find it - and all the directory links to add your podcast, too

March 2018

Podcast events and conferences
A regularly updated list of events, conferences and meetings for podcasters and podcast fans

Podcast subscribe pages for everyone
How to get a simple page to link to your podcast from social media, letting people subscribe and listen instantly

Podcast app user-agents
We wondered what useragents were being used by which apps. Here's a full list.

February 2018

Technical analysis of the top podcasts
What bitrate are some of the most popular podcasts in the world using? And what LUFS value do they run at? We were curious: so, we decided to take a look at the top 100.

January 2018

How to get your podcast onto Google Home
How to get your podcast onto Google Assistant, Google Home or other devices

Is iHeartMedia really the leader in 'snackable' podcasts?
A configuration error means that their Podtrac stats could be thousands of times too large

December 2017

Chapter points in podcasts: a waste of time?
Which podcast apps support chapter points? Is it worth your while spending time and effort on them?

October 2017

How podcast show notes display in 19 different apps
Podcast show notes display, it turns out, in many different ways in different apps. Here's what to do to make sure they work best.

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