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Alone Together

    Alone Together
    Play trailerDuring the pandemic, Alone Together was a “curious exploration of loneliness”, with some fascinating stories into the condition. As you can see above, it’s been turned into a book. Alone Together is aimed at readers aged 12-18.

Podcasts on buses

Podcasts and public transport seem a perfect match - offering something to listen-to on a journey. Even better if there’s a local reason to promote that show. With that in mind…

She Has A Name

Truth Be Told Presents: She Has A Name
Play trailerKatie spotted this bus in Detroit for APM’s She Has A Name. It tells the story from Detroit in 1987.

Seattle Now

Seattle Now
Keenan sends us this poster of KUOW and NPR’s Seattle Now, on a bus, in Seattle. It’s really clear that it’s a podcast; and with many bus journeys taking fifteen minutes or so, imagine how often you’d see this thing before subscribing.


TED Talks Daily
And we know these aren’t buses but they kind of are really. On the right, an ad seen in Delhi Airport spotted by Aakshi, for TED Talks Daily on Spotify. The QR code opens Spotify, but oddly doesn’t go to the show. Wonder why not?
TBD with Tina Brown
Meanwhile, on the left, an ad seen by Arielle on the Harlem line in NY, and what is a New York subway train if it isn’t a bus on rails? That promotes something from Wondery that looks as if it’s for a podcast called TBD, but that’s TBD with Tina Brown, and not really a business show. The tiny QR code goes to short business news show The Best One Yet. The poster doesn’t use the word “podcast” anywhere, and relies on you knowing what Wondery is. It’s a bit strange if you ask us, which nobody did.

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