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Spotify's office in Berlin

Spotify’s new podcast strategy explained

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  • Spotify

    Spotify released its Q4/23 results. Total revenue grew 16% Y/Y to US$3.9bn; all the company’s figures met or exceeded expectations, with the company now having 602mn monthly users. The company lost $81mn in the quarter, a better figure than was flagged in December.

  • Spotify

    Spotify’s podcasting business was close to breaking-even in Q4, Daniel Ek said in an earnings call. He also outlined the change of strategy: “While some of these exclusivity deals worked, generally it wasn’t aligned with what the creator wanted. The creator wants to have a broader audience. With these new deals, we are in a position where we’re better aligned with the creator. We can both deliver the growth rate and we are equally incentivized to drive our audience growth. And of course then also drive revenue growth because we both share in that upside. Today, Spotify is in many cases the number one podcasting player already. Exclusivity makes sense when you’re the smaller playing, trying to gain scale: [but] when you’re the bigger player, the additional value of the exclusivity is far smaller than it is about being aligned. From a values point of view, this is better aligned with who we are at Spotify too.”

  • Spotify

    As Spotify appears to have newly discovered, the open RSS feed is, says entrepreneur Anil Dash in a blog post, the kind of technology that’s supposed to be impossible: open, empowering tech that’s not owned by any one company, that can’t be controlled by any one company, and that allows people to have ownership over their work and their relationship with their audience.” - while Ernie Smith at Tedium suggests there’s something to be learnt from RSS’s podcast success by the rest of the media, too.

  • Canadaland

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Podcast News

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    Two Blokes Talking Electric Cars - The EV Podcast is brand new today from Australia’s most trusted tech commentators, Stephen Fenech and Trevor Long. Their combined expertise will deliver insightful discussions, in-depth reviews, and candid commentary, they say.
    One Handshake Away: Peter Bogdanovich and the Icons of Cinema
    Play trailerWhen director, actor, critic and historian Peter Bogdanovich passed away in 2022, he was working on One Handshake Away - a podcast interviewing some of the biggest film directors working today. His ex-wife Louise Stratten stepped in to serve as narrator and co-host, with three-time Academy Award-winning director Guillermo del Toro filling in as host for the final three episodes. It’s new today from Audacy and Stak.

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kemioの言わせて言うだけEverything (

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