1-in-4 frequent podcast listeners tip their favourite shows

1-in-4 frequent podcast listeners tip their favourite shows

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  • Professor John Naughton writes in The Observer of his concern that podcasting is “falling prey to corporate interests”. (Opinion: right now, open RSS acts as a useful guard against this: and there’s plenty of space for the corporate and the passionate.)

  • Podcast Review listens to Dolly Parton’s America, a podcast that “pulls back the layers within her music to uncover complex and fascinating histories”.

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  • Has Apple Podcasts broken again? We note that “New Shows” in the Society & Culture category, in Australia, includes “The Spill” (new from Jul 22), “The Disappearance of Des” (from Aug 2), “The Duolingo French Podcast” (from Jun 18), “True Crime Conversations” (from Jun 19), and “The Portal” (from Jul 17). These appear to have been, mostly, updated for the launch of the new categories on Aug 2, but there appears to have been few updates for the Australian market after that. What Happens Next is the only new one we can see (along with lots of new US stuff). Perhaps the US listings are being maintained, and the Aussie-specific listings are not being refreshed as often? How’s it looking in your country?

Thank you to our newest Gold Supporters, One of One Productions Studio, located just round the corner from NYC in Fort Lee NJ, USA. “We provide a comfortable space with broadcast quality sound that any podcaster will thrive in!” they tell us: they also work on shows for SiriusXM and their own podcasts too. You can be like them

Tips and tricks - with Acast Open

Podcast News - with Spreaker Prime

    Death Is Hilarious
    Spreaker Prime: The Dirty Bits is performed by Tawny Platis, a professional voice actor, who gives a casual – and hopefully comical – Southern Californian retelling of the sexy, scandalous, and salacious stories from history that your teacher probably left out. She’s using Spreaker Prime to increase exposure and maximize monetization.
    Murder Dictionary
    Spreaker Prime Murder Dictionary {mer-der dik-she-ner-e} : a humorous discussion between true crime fanatics : an exploration of multiple cases based on the weekly topic, following the letter sequence of the alphabet : a great excuse for the podcast hosts to call their morbid curiosities “research.” They’re using Spreaker Prime to host for free and make more money.
    Break in the Case
    Play trailerWho better to host true crime podcasts than the people who worked on the cases? Break in the Case is a true crime podcast from the NYPD, with NYPD detectives taking us through cases they’ve worked on. (Megaphone)

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