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iVoox sees more growth in 2021

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The Tech Stuff - with

  • Oscar Merry has suggested Lightning Comments as a potential solution for cross-app commenting: using “boostagrams” as a method of sending comments. We like this idea; and the spec is simple enough for us to code it; so, you’ll find a “comments” section on every update in Podnews’s web version. You can also see those comments in the Fountain app.

    • We are also, as of today, permanently supporting the socialInteract tag for Twitter (and will probably pull in those comments to the page, too, at some stage).
  • PodKast is a new podcast app for KaiOS, the mobile OS for developing countries. Watch for it using PodKast at the end of the RSS user-agent or audio user-agent.

  • The Lava app, and the iVoox app, are currently not sending any useragent for its RSS scraper. MTN’s AudApp sends the generic axios/0.21.4 useragent for RSS and audio. AudioWave sends AmazonCloudfront as a useragent for RSS. We’ve requested all these companies help us by fixing their useragents.

  • Moving away from Apple Podcasts? There’s no OPML export any more, so how do you do it? Nathan Gathright posts a Twitter thread including using the Shortcuts tool to achieve it.

  • Want to host your website and your podcast for free on someone else’s computer? Here’s how to host your podcast and website using IPFS.

  • Boostagram Corner: we’re grateful to you for sending us messages with your boosts, which you can now read on the Podnews website. Over the last week, Adam Curry send 5,000 sats saying just “great episode” - we like boosts like that - and points out that pirated copies of his podcast appear regularly on Spotify. Got something to say? Hit the boost button in your podcast app, like Fountain.

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The Jordan Harbinger Show
The Jordan Harbinger Show features a Ukrainian podcaster in today’s edition - we covered Yuriy Matsarsky’s show last Friday, but in Jordan’s latest show, we find out why, and how, he’s podcasting from the frontline.
Tagline, a podcast about the making of great ads, returns for a second season. Produced by the Clio Awards, this season will cover classic advertising from Apple, Bud Light and Dove. - read more

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