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The world's first reality podcast show: The Brights

October 15, 2018 · Updated October 22, 2018

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Grumpy Old Geeks is celebrating five years online by shifting from a weekly podcast to having two episodes every week. It's hosted by Jason DeFillippo and Brian Schulmeister. (Libsyn)


It’s not as easy, convenient or simple as it should be to discover podcasts, or find shows that fit your range of interests. Confusion and complexity are holding us back.

I don’t have rules to be hard on guests, I have them to keep guests informed about the process of working with me, so they know what to expect when they do.

If you name three different things listeners should be doing in your show intro, the person cooking dinner while they listen will be left with a vague sense of needing to do something related to supporting the show. But if you use your One Shot Rule to ask everyone to check out the photos of your new studio on your Patreon page, that same listener will be much more likely to navigate there after finishing the dishes — and, hopefully, pledge their support.

We know audio has been home for some of the greatest storytelling of our time and believe great stories, authentic conversations, and in the end, unbeatable content is why the powerhouse that is audio, simply isn’t going anywhere.

This ... underlines even further the importance of controlling your own RSS feed, based exclusively on your own domain, whether you self-host ... or use and control your own RSS based exclusively upon your own domain on the very few media hosts which allow it



<< Google Podcasts to be simplified, and will help podcasters earn money

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