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What's X, Y and Z? And how has Anchor helped?
Image: Spotify

What's X, Y and Z? And how has Anchor helped?

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  • What were “X, Y and Z” - the new content areas mentioned in Spotify’s Investor Day briefings? Just listen to Alex Norström, as Audiobooks, then “X, Y and Z” appear on-screen: “There are additional markets and verticals that we believe are natural fits for our platform and audience. There’s Audiobooks. There’s News, Sports and Education. Those are vast markets.”

  • Another two pieces of detail from the Spotify investor day from CFO Paul Vogel:

    • 30% of our monthly active users engage with podcast content”. That figure hasn’t been disclosed for some time, and grew from 16% (Feb 20) to 22% (Oct 20).
    • Only a minority of podcast time spent was monetized by us in 2021 … approximately 14% [is] currently monetized by us on a global basis.”
  • iHeart’s Conal Byrne writes for Forbes, promoting the benefit of RSS, which was soundly denigrated by Spotify in their presentation. (More on this on Monday).

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