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Podcasting in the UAE: a new report

December 27, 2019 · 2 minutes to read

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Feedback: You can always just hit reply with your thoughts on the day’s news. Harris, host of the Sleep Whispers podcast, writes:

I 100% agree with Daniel J Lewis and others that ratings/reviews are a non-variable (or insignificant variable) in the Apple Podcast ranking algorithm (Dec 25). The key reason is that it is too easily gamed.
But I think many journalists who write podcast listicle articles base their selections on the ratings/reviews - which gives a boost to the podcasts mentioned in those articles. I can tell by how many podcast articles mention my podcast that they probably have never listened to it: it’s usually a summary of my description.
Ratings/reviews are not totally useless: they can provide indirect boosts to growing your audience.

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Tech Lead / CTO, Supercast
Business Planning, Apple Podcasts, Apple
United States of America

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