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The horrible city of Sydney NSW, Australia. Goodness, look at how grey and miserable it is.
James Cridland

Acast’s Aussie $31mn payout

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The Tech Stuff - with RSS․com

  • Apple
    Pocket Casts

    Substack now has a video episodes feature. They’ve not called it a video podcasts feature, because the video doesn’t make it to the RSS feed, thus you’ll not be able to watch it in Pocket Casts or Apple Podcasts; and you can only watch in the iOS Substack app.

  • Google
    Google Podcasts

    You might see many different people telling you that Google Podcasts is to close in April 2024. Not quite true… that’s its US closure date only. The rest of the world get to keep it for a little longer. Anyway, here are the migration details and an example of the OPML file it spits out.

  • Shure

    The Shure MV7 has new firmware, v1.2.18 (“addresses audio distortion issues”). Use ShurePlus MOTIV to update the firmware. Similarly, new firmware is available for the MV88+. (We use the MV7, which we bought, every day; we carry the MV88+, which we were given by Shure, when travelling).

Podcast News


YouTube Podcasts - a mini review


We notice that YouTube now has a /podcasts index page in Australia and the Netherlands. It doesn’t, yet, have one in Japan.

  • The Netherlands experience (when viewed in a private window from a dutch IP) shows an Indonesian show in the #1 “popular episodes” slot, US politics (in English) in #2, a US social activist (in English) in #3, a bodybuilder (in English) in #4, and content using cyrillic script in #5.) The “Popular Podcasts” section contains one dutch-language podcast called, literally, “All Episodes” at #2 (it’s actually the Lotgenoten Podcast from entrepreneurs); and MIDMID, a dutch sports podcast at #5. Those two shows are the only dutch-language highlights on the page.

  • The Aussie experience (when viewed in a private window from an Aussie IP) contains no Australian content whatsoever; with the same Indonesian show in #1 position - fewer than 0.9% of Australians speak Indonesian - and the US’s NBC News at #2. There’s a Chinese-language show in “popular podcasts”. The ABC’s podcasts aren’t listed; nor are those from Sky News Australia, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Mamamia, and others.

YouTube Music

The YouTube Music app is rather good for podcast playback, especially when playing RSS feeds; it now marks “played” shows nicely, too. The /podcasts landing page in YouTube itself, however, doesn’t appear to reflect the care and attention that the YouTube Music app has clearly received. Perhaps a properly curated experience is coming.

Podcast data for Dec 11

#1 in Apple Podcasts
Mortal Sin (NBC News)
TED Talks Daily (TED)

#1 in Spotify
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
The Common Folks (thecommonfolks)

Over the last week, 195,659 podcasts published at least one new episode (down 3.8%). source


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