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Spotify to use AI for host-read ads

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  • Spotify is building AI versions of its hosts for ad reads, according to The Bill Simmons Podcast. “There is going to be a way to use my voice for the ads,” he says, before adding that he would need to give approval first.

    Spotify 🇸🇪 
    • Opinion: Spotify, relatively uniquely, requires a signed-in account to listen, and therefore has personal data available for each of its listeners - and collects even more data. Technically, that means that Joe Rogan is able to address you by name in a personalised ad, then selling you a new security system, tailored to your street name. “We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to that nice house in Parsons Street, now, would we?” Technically possible, perhaps, if not editorially desirable; but not possible for the majority of ad sales companies who don’t have sign-in data.Spotify 🇸🇪 
  • In his latest podcast, prominent podcaster and YouTuber Bandrew Scott explains why shows from companies like NPR and Slate are not doing well on YouTube. He suggests podcasters need to supply YouTube with video, and a specific re-edit, to make the most of the platform.

    • As to whether YouTube’s integration into YouTube Music is working? He shares the statistics for the Bandrew Says podcast: 20,426 views on YouTube, and just 1 on YouTube Music. “I am pretty sure that one view is me making sure the show was actually working in YouTube Music … This is worse than my than my worst expectation of this.”
  • YouTube has added a “podcasts” tab to the YouTube TV interface. However, it’s hidden in the “more” tab, unless you already watch podcasts frequently.

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