Slate say podcasting is now 25% of revenue

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  • Slate, the online magazine, says that podcasting now accounts for 25% of its revenue. It is doubling its staff (from five to ten), and today unveil a newly-designed website that promotes podcasts. This year, they plan to fully shift away from Panoply and do their own ad sales.

  • Damian Radcliffe writes a short history of audio storytelling. Some rather fine pieces of archive audio; and a lovely Steve Jobs quote that podcasting is “the hottest thing going in radio”.

  • How’s radio working on smart speakers? A few days ago, podnews painted a bleak picture. However, a major podcast platform contacted us with some actual stats:

    • Average month-on-month growth for podcasts on smart speakers is 84%, they say (since Aug 1).
    • Listenership, though, is small - smart speakers accounted for 0.28% in the last thirty days of their biggest clients; the long-tail is even lower.
  • Event: The Adelaide Podcast Festival, Adelaide SA, Australia - 27 & 28 February in The Elephant.

  • What underrated podcasts are you really getting into in 2018?” asks Buzzfeed. Looks like a promotion opportunity, this.

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  • Seth Resler is making a podcast and documenting it on AllAccess - here’s how he’s making production elements for it. (Another writer for AllAccess is our own Managing Editor, who writes stuff about radio).

  • A football (soccer) writer covers the current state of football (soccer) podcasting, written by a man wearing trousers (pants), who may or may not have just popped out for a fag (a cigarette), etc.

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