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A new radio and podcast conference for Asia

December 6, 2018 · 2.9 minutes to read

Classifieds - your job or ad here from US$15

Migrate to Blubrry for Free Today — Blubrry podcast hosting works with "any" publishing platform. We specialize in WordPress Podcasting, but you can also publish directly on our platform and embed our beautiful player on your website!

Piqd Audio: Your Podcast Discovery Platform — Discovering new, high-quality podcasts is difficult and time consuming. The “top 100” lists on big podcast apps like iTunes tend to recommend all the same shows. So, we’re excited to announce the launch of piqd audio, a podcast and audio documentary discover platform. Our talented team of curators—hailing from more than 22 countries around the world—browses the web for you, delivering the best to your inbox every day.


Straight Up Parenting helps parents of Ages 8-18 years navigate uncertainty with practical, experienced advice from other parents, counsellors, teachers, authors and experts. Created and hosted by two first generation immigrant moms, the goal is to bridge the gap between parents and children, and between schools and parents. (Powerpress)
You can now binge the full first season of The Sugar Baby Confessionals, focusing on Ruby, a self-confessed "sugar baby". The podcast is "thought-provoking, charming, funny and candid" according to reviews. (Fable Gazers / Libsyn)


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