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Spotify for Podcasters release new terms of use

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  • Spotify for Podcasters has released a new set of terms and conditions, which are relevant for those hosting on Spotify or just distributing podcasts on it. In an email, Spotify has run through some of the changes; we examined the terms of use to see what’s been deleted (red) and what’s new (blue). There are no big changes; but things that we’ve spotted:

    • podcasts that contain “promotional content” need to be marked (just like YouTube requires; and this setting already exists on Spotify video uploads)
    • The “RSS Feed” has been removed from the terms and conditions as a method of delivering content. We’d not read too much into this; the new terms have removed all methods of delivering content, including the Spotify website itself.
    • The licensing requirements have been significantly shortened. As part of that, Spotify no longer contractually has to display your own copyright notice (though it’s unlikely that’ll go away, in our opinion).
    • There’s no mention of training AI or anything like that, though the terms have always allowed derivative works.
    • There is also a lot of stuff about arbitration in case of a dispute, which we don’t understand, but which has added two full pages to this agreement. Lawyers, eh?
  • “Instinctively, commissioners favour long-running “always on” chat show formats – they are the simplest shows to monetise with their ability to grow audiences over time and attract advertisers. Any limited run series - fiction or non-fiction – is competing at a disadvantage.” Writing for Podnews, John Scott Dryden from Goldhawk Productions asks: Do we know how to monetise limited-run audio series?, and shares some of the ways the company has found success.

  • A number of commercial media and content businesses have written to the UK’s Labour Party to warn about the damage that could be caused if the BBC is allowed to place advertising in its audio content in the UK. It also highlights the precedent that would be set by the move. (The Labour Party are likely to form the next government in July).

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