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Your next co-host could be AI

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Tips and tricks - with Spotify for Podcasters

Spotify for Podcasters Q&A and polls


Only Spotify lets you create Q&A and polls on every episode to engage fans where they’re already listening, helping you continue making content they’ll love. You can also use these tools to drive even more engagement: share questions and responses across social, ask for feedback on your content, and get suggestions for new topics or guests. And all that engagement really adds up. On average, listeners who interact with a show through a Q&A consume twice as many hours per month. Discover more tools to help you turn your listeners into fans — no matter where your show is hosted.


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Podcast News

Rattled & Shook
Play trailerFrom the creators of Radio Rental and Tenderfoot TV, Rattled & Shook is a variety show for all things creepy-adjacent and horror-lite where each week, hosts Aprile and Meredith share new scary stories — reacting in real time — play horror-themed games, and feature special guests.Tenderfoot TV
Game for Anything
Game for Anything launches today - “a somewhat frenetic weekly podcast taking on everything from indie games to new VR peripherals and anything in between.” It’s with Acast.Acast
Keys To The Kingdom
Play trailerWhat’s it like to work for The Mouse? Or even… to be The Mouse? Keys To The Kingdom is new, revealing the real and peculiar backstage life of theme park performers and Disney Cast Members. What type of person decides they want to work in a pseudo fairy tale, a fake ghost town, or a make-believe movie studio in the first place? Keys to the Kingdom is an Earios production in conjunction with Tradecraft Media.
From Beneath the Hollywood Sign
Play trailerFrom Beneath the Hollywood Sign is new this week from the Airwave Podcast Network. A weekly podcast, writer and producer Steve Cubine and actress Nan McNamara explore, discuss, and dissect the magical, mysterious, amusing, and sometime bizarre tales of Old Hollywood. The first episode is all about the Oscars, and when the ceremony didn’t quite go to plan.00
Mummy's Boy with Arthur Hill
Play trailerMummy’s Boy with Arthur Hill features TikTok pop star Arthur Hill - with more than 1.5mn followers - and his mum. The show, from AudioAlways, also features special guests. The first episode is out tomorrow.
Radio Rental
Play trailerParanormal show Radio Rental returns for a new season with more real-life, insanely haunting tales. You can expect horrific camping disasters (including on secluded islands), babysitting jobs gone real-life horror story, and “the lady in the woods”.
SOLD OUT: Rethinking Housing in America
Play trailerWith wildfires, floods and record-breaking temperatures, KQED’s SOLD OUT: Rethinking Housing in America is back for a third season, examining the intersection of the climate and housing crises. The new season starts with the story of the Escutias, a family in the small town of Pajaro, along the Monterey California coast, who must look for a new home on higher ground after a levee breach forces them to abandon their home.

Transcription Done Right: Hindenburg PRO takes transcription offline
Paid content

Hindenburg PRO

As a podcaster, transcription has become essential for speeding up your work. It allows you to quickly rough edit the audio through the text interface, search your audio recordings for specific quotes, create transcripts for your podcasts, and make your content more accessible to a wider audience. And if you’re lucky, it will even identify different speakers and split the audio into multiple tracks for you.

Traditional transcription services can be expensive and time-consuming. And if you’re working on sensitive content, you may not want to risk uploading your recordings to a third-party server.

That’s where Hindenburg’s offline transcription feature comes in. Hindenburg PRO is fully-fledged professional audio editing software with deeply integrated transcription that allows you to transcribe your recordings offline, on your own computer.

This combines the advantages of the latest workflows without restrictions on where and when you can use them, and without compromising your IP rights and the security of your sources.

Spend less time transcribing and more time creating great content. Download a free trial of Hindenburg today and experience the power of offline transcription for yourself.

Podcast data for Oct 17

#1 in Apple Podcasts
Morrison Mysteries (NBC News)
Global News Podcast (BBC World Service)

#1 in Spotify
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
Atin Atin Lang (SB19)

Over the last week, 208,979 podcasts published at least one new episode (up 0.3%). source


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