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Omny Studio releases loudness normalisation tool

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  • Omny Studio release a loudness normalisation tool which will allow their customers to set the loudness of their podcast to standard values. (As a short reminder: Amazon Alexa wants -14, Google Assistant wants -16, the BBC reckons -18 is right, and our own research shows LUFS values being as loud as -8 and as quiet as -28.) The Omny tool also produces output which is compliant in dbTP and a specified LU loudness range.

  • The New Yorker discovers the afternoon-podcast from VOX, Today, Explained. THe host, Sean Rameswaram, says they “aspire to make something that’s fun to listen to, or at least an emotional experience in some way”; the review says it feels funny, knowing and energetic.

  • Ezra Klein, the editor-at-large and co-founder from VOX, spoke at SXSW. They’ve posted video of his hour-long session.

  • CBC Radio’s Podcast Playlist focuses, in the latest edition, on “the surprising world of podcast advertising”: how podcasting is changing advertising, and how advertising is changing podcasting.

  • Anchor has launched a new tool to produce highlight videos for social media - now available on desktop as well as mobile. (As an aside: we’d love to share comparative stats when people use these tools vs just sharing a link to a podcast).

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  • A blog post within the Times Union in Albany NY goes into detail about the Earplug Podcast Network. Quote: “Podcasting is huge, but is still not that wide-known.” True dat.

    Jul 31 2023: This broken link now points to the Internet Archive.
  • Podcasting as a business model: how to make money with a premium podcast is the title of the latest episode of Podcast Helden. Lazy monoglots: this is in German.

  • Steven Goldstein posts about the Borrell Local Media conference, sharing a lot of the data with his readers. “Voice is seminal and already bigger than most people think,” said the Chief Growth Officer at ad agency Publicis.

    This link is no longer available, as at Jul 31 2023

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