Advertising that works in podcasting, and Meet your Maker returns

Advertising that works in podcasting, and Meet your Maker returns

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  • Edison Research’s Tom Webster has written a guide to advertising that works in podcasting, based on dozens of ad-effectiveness surveys for advertisers and podcast networks that the company has done. Slapping in a radio spot into a podcast brings no particular benefit to an advertiser, he writes, and may even harm the podcast.

  • Patreon has announced it has 3m creators. It predicts it’ll pay half a billion dollars to creators in 2019 alone. (And yes, you can support us using Patreon too).

  • Storyboard, an app “that allows companies, teams, and organizations to use the power of podcasting, just for their internal audiences”, is now in beta.


    Meet Your Maker
    Play trailerMeet your Maker returns for a fourth season next week. Focusing on the stories behind the creation of all manner of culture, Liam Geraghty returns with his New York Festivals Radio Award nominated podcast; and will feature guests such as American cartoonist Chris Ware, Oscar nominated filmmaker Nora Twomey, Senior Conservator at the Chester Beatty Library Kristine Rose-Beers and video game maker David O’Reilly. (Libsyn)
    CES for Radio Broadcasters
    CES for Radio Broadcasters focuses on the technological trends on display at the annual trade show and how they will impact radio broadcasters. Much of the content is also relevant for podcasters, too. (Jacobs Media / Libsyn)
    The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour (Formerly known as Dave Hill's Podcasting Incident and The Goddamn Dave Hill Show on WFMU)
    Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident is celebrating its 100th episode featuring excerpts of past interviews with H. Jon Benjamin, Kevin Allison, Kristen Schaal, Martha Plimpton, Paul F. Tompkins, Dick Cavett, Bridget Everett and Malcolm Gladwell. (Libsyn)
    The Lovecraft Investigations
    The Case of Charles Dexter Ward has made the good folks at The Verge really very excited. They write an in-depth article about the podcast. (BBC)

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