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Resonate Originals launches with more 'Culpable'

Resonate Originals launches with more 'Culpable'

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Happy Lunar New Year. May the year of the Tiger bring you prosperity and good health.


  • “If there’s anything that I’ve done that I could do better, it’s having more experts with differing opinions right after I have the controversial ones. I do all the scheduling myself, and I don’t always get it right”, said Joe Rogan in a defensive video statement released on Sunday night on his Instagram.

  • Rogan takes information out of context and gives a skewed and inaccurate view, a forthcoming of Science Vs will say. Gimlet’s Wendy Zukerman and Blythe Terrell say they will no longer make the podcast, excepting episodes “intended to counter misinformation being spread on Spotify”, adding that Spotify’s support of Rogan feels like a “slap in the face”. (Spotify owns Gimlet).

  • A Morgan Stanley client note today lowers Spotify’s target price to $300 - albeit still a 50% upside from its current price of $196.26. They say Spotify’s revenue growth will come more from advertising than subscription money; and that international growth will help the company in spats like JRE. Morgan Stanley owns 7% of Spotify. Meanwhile an Arete Research client note sent last week set a target price of $158 and advises clients to sell stock; criticising the company’s lack of delivery of marketed shows and features, highlighting its expansion into audiobooks and other distracting areas, and mentioning that its recent expansion into 90 new markets wasn’t reflected by any spike in total users.

The Tech Stuff - with

  • The Podcast Index’s value-for-value streaming sats service has achieved a bLIP. Similar to an RFC, it is a design document describing the format of payments made over the lightning network while listening to a podcast.

  • JustCast is supporting the podcast:person tag, for podcast credits and data.

  • To kick-start cross-app comments, John Spurlock has released MiniPub, an open-source microservice that significantly eases development time.

  • Helipad is being updated to a new version, v0.1.8, which fixes a bug or two and also adds a new endpoint for streams. It’ll come in a future update to Umbrel. The app lets you monitor boost messages in real time.

  • Boostagram Corner: Thanks for messages sent via the boost button in new podcast apps. Kyrin from Mere Mortals writes: “Boosting Podnews because I haven’t before. On, and bring back boostagram corner! Listen to the angry mob!” Dave Jones writes: “If only the Spotify developers were as productive as the Spotify PR department. Has anyone considered maybe decaf for those guys?” Decaf for the developers? Crazy talk. And Adam Curry points out that he doesn’t like the cicadas in the background of the podcast version; we’re on a temporary microphone in an empty room, and we are, too, looking forward to being back in the office.

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