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US Library of Congress starts archiving podcasts

January 7, 2020 · 3.3 minutes to read

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Did you ever listen a let's play — Each month, "Listen to the Game" is playing a video game and allows you to explore its universe. No additional sound, no speech, just the sound design. A new game each month. Produced by Podcut.

10ish Podcast — Comedy, edutainment podcast covering a new Top 10ish List every week.

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Australia is on fire: here’s how to help

Regular readers will know that this newsletter is published in Australia, which is in the news at the moment because of the bushfires.

To answer the two questions we’ve been asked most over the past few weeks: a) yes, we’re fine, thanks - the fires near us were very smokey a few weeks ago, but they’re unlikely to spread. Some of our family have been less lucky though; b) here is where to donate. Thanks!

Podcast News

The subject of an IndieGoGo campaign that we reported on at the end of August, serial fiction podcast VALENCE is released this Saturday. The podcast, according to its press release, features veteran sound designer Julia Schifini and a cast of both veteran and newcomer actors in the audio fiction space; it’s written by Wil Williams and Katie Youmans. (Pinecast)
Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery returns for a second season tomorrow. Highly praised by listeners and critics alike, the audio fiction podcast “takes us even deeper into the mystery of Mount Absalom, including explorations of the Burning Woods and the Mount Absalom Observatory, and both new and familiar faces”. (Libsyn)


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