Irish podcasts, SoundCloud okay for now, and how many people work in podcasting in NYC

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  • There’s a Dublin Podcast Festival coming in September. That’s given the Irish Independent an excuse to look closely into the Irish podcast scene. “A podcast episode needs to be downloaded 10,000 times in 45 days before an advertiser will even consider coming on board”.

  • An update to Friday: SoundCloud’s investors approved the emergency funding plan for the website. Alex Ljung has stepped aside as CEO (he’s still Chair). Podcast hosting is not the company’s core business, however, and you might still wish to find a new host.

  • An old piece from ArsTechnica celebrating the first ten years of podcasting (it’s now entering its early teens).

  • A company to look out for: Placard Media is a company putting podcasters together with advertisers. Based in Melbourne, Australia, and talking to Aussie or Kiwi podcasters. (Increasingly, many people are discovering they’re both Aussie and Kiwi anyway).

  • The Wall Street Journal says 600 people are employed in the podcasting industry in New York City.

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