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A graveyard
Krisztina Papp

Podcast Graveyard - a show about dead podcasts

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  • Darkness falls across the land,
    the midnight hour is close at hand.
    Pitch black consoles, mikes and stands
    suck colour from the podcast land.
    Your studio would look quite all-right,
    if only RØDE made things in white.
    But now they do - for your inspection:
    RØDE has launched the white collection.

  • Back in December 2021, the National Association for the Deaf and Disability Rights Advocates sued SiriusXM for “failing to provide podcast transcripts for deaf users”; a request SiriusXM’s lawyers called “misplaced and completely unreasonable” in August 2022. The case is due to reach a deadline on Dec 8; last week, Disability Rights Advocates wrote to the judge suggesting that SiriusXM may be working on “accessibility aids on the podcast content available on their platforms”.

  • The Futurum Group has acquired the Business Podcast Network, which carries 200 shows. No terms were given; Futurum has acquired five other companies over the past year or so, including other podcast networks. BPN’s founder and CEO, Cory Johnson, will be Futurum’s Chief Market Strategist, and will continue to host The Drill Down.

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Podcast News

Podcast Graveyard
Play trailerPodcast Graveyard is new today, fittingly looking at dead podcasts. Host James Bishop unearths the untold tales of shows that are no longer with us. A spine-chilling adventure into the shows that met their demise - and how to avoid that unhappy fate happening to you.
Everything Everywhere Daily
The Everything Everywhere Daily podcast has just celebrated its 20 millionth download. The daily show was launched in the middle of the pandemic and is still written, produced, and recorded as a solo effort by Gary Arndt.
Argh! Not Another Podcast About Book Publishing
Argh! Not Another Podcast About Book Publishing is new this month from author William May, who delves into the intricacies of the literary industry, sharing his own experiences and interviewing industry experts. We’re told the show distinguishes itself by avoiding the over-seriousness that often plagues the industry.

Podcast data for Oct 31

#1 in Apple Podcasts
The Kids of Rutherford County (Serial Productions & The New York Times)
Ghost Story (Wondery | Pineapple Street Studios)

#1 in Spotify
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)

Over the last week, 208,538 podcasts published at least one new episode (up 0.5%). source


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