Ads on trams, video from Werk It, how to get advertising for your podcast

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  • In Melbourne, Australia, a first - possibly. The Nearly podcast network bought ads on a tram to market The Debrief and The Clappers. Co-founder Courtney Carthy explains why.

  • The CEO of Twit.TV, Lisa Laporte, writes some super-useful tips about getting advertising for your podcast. “Our ad model consists of two host-read ads per advertiser because the unaided recall is 80% greater than a single ad read.”

  • Video: on the WNYC Studios facebook page, they’ve posted video from the recent Werk It podcasting conference. (PS: We’re on Facebook too - come like us).

  • A NPR piece on the “boom in political podcasting

  • A write-up of a panel from Baltimore Innovation Week, where a number of podcast creators talk about how to get started.

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  • A piece about David Raphael from Public Media Marketing, who “sells the ads on all your favorite podcasts”. A good overview of the changes that have taken place since Serial.

  • Quiz: according to Variety, does Gimlet Media want to become a) the Netflix of audio, b) the Spotify of audio, c) the HBO of audio? Answer here, in this view of the company. “Nobody says, ‘Do you watch video?’” says Blumberg. “We’re now getting out of the stage of people asking, ‘Do you listen to podcasts?’”

  • Quiz: according to RNZ’s Tim Watkin, is podcasting a) the Netflix of audio, b) the Spotify of audio, c) the HBO of audio? Answer in this New Zealand piece, with a good set of interviewees.

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