Podcasts to come first on new Apple iPhone OS

Podcasts to come first on new Apple iPhone OS

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  • The Apple Podcasts app will appear on the front page of new iPhones. The new iOS13 operating system, to be launched in September, places the Apple Podcasts app on the front screen for the first time. The Apple Podcasts app will also be on the front screen of iPadOS13. (Users upgrading won’t have their homescreen apps moved.)

    • Oddly, on iOS13 on the second home screen is… the iTunes Store. We thought it was going away. Anyway, it’s nothing to do with podcasts.
    • Users of the brand new Google Pixel 3a? No, the Google Podcasts app is not pre-installed on the phone. The player is, as it is with all Android phones.
  • Audible has posted 145 jobs in the past month, Karen J tips us off. There are roles in many countries; and as this job makes clear: “In an effort to push the boundaries of spoken-word entertainment, Audible is now developing, commissioning and producing a wide range of high-quality, original, audio programs.” It’s 11 months since the Amazon-owned company eliminated almost all their roles from podcast-style programming.

    This link is no longer available, as at Aug 14 2023
  • Global is also hiring for DAX, its digital audio advertising platform. Digiday report that 300 advertisers currently use the service.


    The Three Questions with Andy Richter
    Play trailerAndy Richter, “best known for his role as sidekick of Conan O’Brien”, launches a new podcast today. The Three Questions sees Andy ask the same three questions to each of his guests: “Where do you come from?” “Where are you going?” “What have you learned?” (Team Coco / Earwolf / ART19)
    Steel City Academy Podcast
    NPR report on the Steel City Academy Podcast, which All Things Considered says is a hobby turned into serious journalism. (Soundcloud)

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