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My First Million
From the HubSpot Podcast Network: My First Million brainstorms ideas for new businesses. Recently, Shaan and Sam have covered second-hand e-commerce, door-to-door sales, and NFTs.
 Innovation on the Edge with Microsoft Edge
Innovation on the Edge with Microsoft Edge is a new show from PodcastOne, hosted by Jordan Harbinger and Chelsea Briggs, examining the cutting edge of internet innovation.
Silence is Not an Option
Silence is Not an Option, from CNN’s Don Lemon, returns for a second season today. This season, Don talks with the people who know that speaking out sometimes means breaking the rules, sharing the stories of those who used their fame to shine a light on injustice like Harry Belafonte and Eartha Kitt.
Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins
Netflix has announced the first ever Stranger Things fiction podcast: a companion podcast to a new YA novel, building out the Stranger Things universe into print and audio. Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins debuts on June 29.
Everyone  Dies
Everyone Dies, which launched fourteen months ago, is celebrating ten thousand worldwide downloads. Hosted by Dr. Marianne Matzo, the podcast provides evidence-based information to the public on serious illness, dying, and death.
Where Are All The Baby Pigeons?
Where are all the baby pigeons? Just one of life’s little mysteries that Lucinda Price, best known by her online name Froomes, will be looking at in a new podcast from NOVA Entertainment.
International Infamy with Ashley Flowers
Ashley Flowers is launching a new true crime podcast with Spotify’s Parcast. International Infamy will premiere on June 15, exploring high-profile cases from around the world.
Songs in the Key of Death
True crime and music are two very popular podcast genres: so Songs in the Key of Death is a new podcast that combines them. Each episode looks at true history and real-life inspiration behind a famous murder ballad and comes with the original score and a fresh interpretation; it’s hosted by Courtney Smith.
Allons Enfants
From France, Allons Enfants est un podcast consacré à cette étape de la vie qui nous façonne et fascine tous: l’enfance. Il est tout simplement un hymne à l’enfance - d’hier, d’aujord’hui, et de demain. Présenté par Romain Balland, il est publié par Engle, et c’est en français, évidemment.

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