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Spotify’s walled garden loses more exclusives

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Moves and hires

  • Paul Kim at Samsung appears to have left the company. Paul was the main contact for Samsung Free’s podcast service, and had worked for the company for twenty years; we also hear other staff will be affected. Samsung saw its lowest profit figure for a decade earlier this month.

Tips and tricks

The Tech Stuff - with The Podcast Standards Project

  • Cross-app comments, a much-desired feature for podcasting, is the subject of a new proposal from Daniel J Lewis. The proposal aims to be a simpler method of achieving cross-app comments from different services, just using a JSON file.

  • The proposed podroll tag is now being supported by Podfans, a new podcast player tool.

Podcast News

Ride With Me - The ASMR Cycling Podcast
Ride With Me - The ASMR Cycling Podcast is a cycling podcast with a difference. The podcast captures the unique sounds of bike rides through high-quality binaural field recordings. You can already ride through Jerusalem and Girona.
The Addict Experience
The Addict Experience has uncut, raw phone interviews with recovering addicts, police, counselors, family members or anyone else affected by the disease of addiction. The host, Chris (a reformed addict for seven years) tells Podnews that the use of phone interviews is deliberate - it makes it easier and more natural to connect with guests.
Linux Matters Podcast
Linux Matters is brand new, from the people behind the 14 year-old Ubuntu Podcast, which has recently completed its run. We’re promised “3 experienced open source professionals bringing you upbeat and family-friendly chat about open source, technology, gaming, software development and all the Linux matters that matter”, though their email gave no explanation for these hats.
Code Story
Code Story is kicking off Season 8 of its podcast today, interviewing startup builders about their human stories and experiences in creating something from nothing, the technical tools used, finding product market fit… and building a team that has your back. It’s hosted by Noah Labhart.
Dinky kicked off season three last week - talking about the “double income no kids yet” lifestyle, and helping people navigate what society wants vs what’s best for them. “A lot of people who want children… don’t want children. They want an Instagram feed of children,” says host Jessica Lanyadoo.
LAist’s WILD returns for a new season today, with Megan Tan (“Snooze,” “Millennial”) joining to co-host alongside Erick Galindo. It continues the story in season 1, a partially fictionalized Southeast LA love story which is, we’re told, a powerful and surprising longform story about love. Expect documentary-style conversation and cinematic fictional flashbacks.

Podcast ads in the wild

Mystic Junkies

Mystic Junkies
Podnews reader Heather was in a comedy club recently, and noticed this beer coaster. The QR code goes to a Linktree of Mystic Junkies - “a podcast with six humans obsessed with mysticism, fringe stories, true crimes and conspiracies”.

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