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The latest top 50 podcasts in the US

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Is there a way to get memorable, engaging and creative ads in podcasting without ruining what makes podcast advertising so effective? In Sounds Profitable with Magellan AI this week, Bryan Barletta insists that we Stop Making Creative An Afterthought

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Podcast News - with Blue Wire

WR1 with Cris Carter
In Blue Wire's limited series WR1 presented by WynnBet, legendary NFL wide receiver Cris Carter interviews legends of the WR position as well as the next generation of superstars to understand what makes this position so unique, as so many personalities and stories come from outside of the hash marks. Guests include Julian Edelman, Adam Thielen, Mike Evans, Calvin Johnson, and many more.
Random Order Podcast
Toronto’s Random Order Podcast has signed with Acast. The comedy show from Jae and Trey Richards, who each appear to own an expanse of facial hair, will also celebrate its 100th episode in the next few weeks. The duo have achieved 100m views on YouTube, too. - read more
Behind the Vinyl Podcast
The Behind the Vinyl Podcast won the best podcast at the Canadian Radio Awards. It’s produced by Boom 97.3 in Toronto.
Two newspapers in Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, have launched Futurepreneur, designed to give listeners an insight into leading business minds and how they see the economy and entrepreneurship in the country. It launched today.
Limited Capacity
Limited Capacity is the first-ever audio fiction anthology series from CBC Podcasts. Full of dark humour, where deeply human stories are twisted through imperfect technologies (Zoom, YouTube), and bizarre, new relationships are shaped by the weird, wired world we inhabit.
Campside Media and Sony Music Entertainment, launched Eclipsed, a new narrative history podcast that dives into stories hidden in the shadows of history. Hosted by journalist and executive producer Bijan Stephen, Eclipsed is a show about events most people have forgotten — or maybe never even knew about to begin with — like a disappearing lake in Louisiana, the two brothers whose obsession with precious metal nearly crashed the global economy, and the three Americans who went to the Moscow Olympics in defiance of Jimmy Carter’s boycott.
Slate Presents: One Year
Today, Slate launches a new season of One Year - which this time focuses on 1995, a year when homegrown terrorists attacked Oklahoma City, a year when the country’s technological future began to emerge, and when a bilingual pop song took over nightclubs and wormed its way into our brains.


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