Podcasts are the advertising holy grail

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  • Podcasts really are the holy grail - a piece from WIRED magazine, focusing on the drop-off rate that’s now visible in Apple’s podcast analytics. It’s very good - 90% stick with a podcast to the end - which, naturally, advertisers are quite pleased about.

  • Pacific Content’s Dan Misener makes a good point about who owns your RSS feed? - lots of big podcasts, it seems, don’t own theirs. (We do! Yay!)

  • A free podcast studio in London’s Soho - if you like portuguese chicken.

    Jul 29 2023: This broken link now points to the Internet Archive.
  • A LUFSly online tool which produces the LUFS value for an audio file (without even uploading it, which is clever).

  • Caroline Crampton, who used to write the New Statesman's podcasting column (and is Head of Podcasts for the UK magazine), is embarking on a new podcast critique newsletter. “I’m very bored of reading/hearing things about “the importance of storytelling” when it comes to podcasts.”

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  • RadioPublic has a new version out for iOS, with a strangely fishy set of release notes.

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