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New podcast consumption data released

January 21, 2019 · 4.1 minutes to read

12% of UK adults listen to podcasts weekly. Podcasts are heavily skewed to 25-34 year-olds (21% listen) rather than 55+ (5% do). Two-thirds of listeners identify as male.

Two-thirds of listening is on a mobile phone. Podcasts are mostly listened-to while driving/travelling (30% of total time listening), or working/studying (29%). 90% of listening is done alone.

Only 1% of all podcast listening is done on a smart speaker. 60% of people listen to all/most of the podcasts they download. Two-thirds listen to the whole episode. The peak time for podcasting? 8am; with another at 6pm.

For noting: “Listen again” appears regularly on these graphs as a separate thing, which is catch-up radio from the BBC and some commercial stations, quoted separately here for a few reporting reasons. Catch-up radio can be downloaded for offline use within the BBC Sounds app and other services, and many shows are available in both formats.

Opinion: There are technical differences, but we think there’s no difference in consumer behaviour; and that separation of “listen again” and “podcasting” may cause consumption of UK podcast content to be under-represented.

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“What information do you have on our listeners?” “The data that we look at is really a headline level, you know, we’re a public service, we’ve got a responsibility to serve all audiences and its important that the content that we commission, produce and put on our platform really has got something for all licence-fee payers, and that’s why we look at it. So we do know what the age profile of our audience is, [and] the regions that they listen from.”


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