SBS encourages discussion of TV shows using podcasts

SBS encourages discussion of TV shows using podcasts

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  • Australian tv and radio broadcaster SBS has an interesting model for podcasts: to “encourage discussion and fan engagement around some of the TV shows currently broadcast on the network”. Fan podcasts so far produced include Batmanland, discussing the 1966 Batman TV show (“Pow!” “Whack!”) currently on the network on Friday nights; and one called The Good Fight SBS Fan Podcast, the TV show of which airs on Wednesdays. We’re told “it’s a way to engage with fans of our shows while exploring the themes and moments of each that relate to the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness that drives the SBS charter.”

  • Podcasting “augments the radio star”, says new data from Nielsen (quoted in Media Post). The data they present shows the smartphone is driving podcast use.

  • Why podcasting is good (and slightly bad) for comedy” is a piece promoting the new podcast Threedom, a Stitcher Premium production by Earwolf. And talking about comedy, here’s Jimmy Pardo talking about his podcast, the almost-1500-episode Never Not Funny.

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