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BBC launches new podcast unit

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On The Jordan Harbinger Show My Life As A Secret Love Child. Now that I’m 18, is it right for me to still be kept a secret from my father’s other family? Listen to Feedback Friday
Salt and vinegar potato crisps have green packets in the UK, but they didn’t always use to be: Walkers, the biggest brand there, switched the pack colours for some reason in the early 1990s. Or did they? The Walkers Switch is, so the makers say, like Serial, but for crisps. And yes, it’s in the true-crime category. Quite rightly. (They’re purple in Australia, by the way).
Unfinished: Deep South is the newest documentary series to join Stitcher’s Witness Docs investigate podcast network. It investigates the unsolved lynching of a wealthy African American farmer and WWI veteran, Isadore Banks, in Arkansas at the dawn of the Civil Rights movement.
Mike lost his new job at the start of the pandemic. His podcast, What Happens Now?, shares stories of how other people are coping, and finding positives from the crisis. Today, Mike interviews the CEO who made him redundant in March.
Death Sex & Money and Luminary show Love + Radio are co-producing a two-part series with stories from listeners of both podcasts on how people are coping without physical touch in isolation. The series, called Skin Hunter, all started from a tweet.


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