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PRX launches ‘Value 4 Value’ micropayments

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  • PRX has launched 'Value 4 Value’ micropayments as a way to support its podcasters. The company is using the podcast:value tag from the new podcast namespace in shows like Song Exploder, but is not using the current Bitcoin over Lightning payment method, favouring a proposed W3C webmonetization payment standard instead. The PRX embeddable player also supports it. One limitation, however, is that it’s streaming support only, not so-called “boosts”; and the rate isn’t able to be changed by the listener.

    • They’re not alone - hosted on Castopod, Les Poésies d’Héloïse supports both webmonetization and Lightning. If that works for them, it works for us, too - so, Podnews Daily also now supports both, too. Our website has supported webmonetization since November 2020.
  • The RSS feed for Laura Mayer’s Shameless Acquisition Target has been acquired by Gilded Audio. “Our company is incredibly supportive of Laura Mayer sharing her perspective on our podcast industry through this must-listen podcast, and we can’t wait to have the RSS torch passed our way,” Gilded Audio’s Managing Director Andy Chugg tells Podnews in a statement. The RSS feed was purchased for $18,000: there is more information in the season finale, which also includes Ira Glass and a lot of singing; Gilded Audio’s statement perplexingly also included a photograph of the company’s logo made out of cheese.

  • On Instagram, the hosts of Four Years Later have posted how much they earnt from their podcast in 2022… they lost $327. “It goes to show you guys actually have passion for it and aren’t just chasing dollars!”, says one commenter.

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Podcast News - with editaudio

The Teardown
From editaudio: The Teardown Activist and tattooer Vegas Ink chats with fellow artists about everything from owning a shop, to dating as an artist and finding work/life balance.
The Grind: A Business Podcast
The Grind: A Business Podcast launches today, promising “realistic strategies for entrepreneurs”. Hosted by Gillian Tietz, the show is all about persevering, iterating, and strategizing so you don’t quit on your dream.
How To Fail With Elizabeth Day
How To Fail With Elizabeth Day returns today for a new season, and has revealed that it has hit 35 million downloads. The award-winning show focuses on public figures who have all suffered some failure along the way; it was part-funded by the sale of the wedding dress from her (failed) first marriage. It’s also inspired three books, and a sell-out live tour.
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Funny People Talking

Funny People Talking
Marc Raco sends us, from February 2020, the podcast Funny People Talking on a billboard in Times Square, New York City, NY. He says: “Here’s why I’m sharing it, even with the passage of time - it was easy and very inexpensive to do, through Blip Billboards (I think I spent maybe $100-200 for this to be in rotation on that billboard for a day). They have digital billboards in many places and, again, they are cheap. Whether effective or not, they are a great tool for social media content, added value to advertisers, or just an ego boost.”

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