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How you should advertise your podcast

February 3, 2020 · 3.1 minutes to read

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"When it comes to marketing (your podcast), a creator needs to embrace something between harsh skepticism and clear-eyed reality: No one is better suited to market your project than you. No one is as passionate about it as you. No one understands it better than you. No one is better suited to understand the right places and methods to use to entice its future audience to seek it out and listen. It isn’t someone else’s job. It’s your job." - read more

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Reader’s letters

Audio descriptions: A bright idea from Ken Randall on Friday - that TV show soundtracks with audio descriptions would work quite well as podcasts - prompts Daniel Newman to tell us a trick to listen to Netflix with the screen off. I’ve done this while running, and it works great. Agreed that these would work surprisingly well as podcasts! Daniel also points us to this episode from Twenty Thousand Hertz, which he calls an “excellent introduction” to them.

Companies - are they a thing?: Scott Johnson asks: In Podnews, why are some companies referred to as singular, and some plural? Your attention to detail tells me that this is not random or an oversight. For example, from today’s articles - “Apple are hiring” (plural, and just sounds wrong), and “OZY Media has announced…” (singular). Just wondering what grammatical rule is determining this? - Great question! I’m British; and in British English, companies can be singular or plural - in that case, the people within Apple (“Apple”) are hiring more people to join them. However, in US English companies are always singular, and since 74% of Podnews readers are in the US, I try to always refer to companies as “it” not “them”. It’s a hard habit to break: sorry if I forget occasionally.

Correction: Obviously, when we said Paul Bae hosts Podcast Gumbo, what we meant to say was Paul Kondo. It turns out they’re two different people. Our apologies to them, and anyone else called Paul.

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Podcast News

US news network HLN launches its first podcast this week. Down the Hill: The Delphi Murders is launched on Wednesday: a true crime podcast focusing on a crime in Delphi IN, USA. The podcast was previewed at the IAB Podcast Upfront in October.


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