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YouTube: 'transforming' podcasting?

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  • UK newspaper The Observer has looked at “how YouTube is transforming podcasting”, containing quotes from QCode, Crowd Network and Message Heard.

  • The Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, suggests that Spotify’s podcast chart may be being manipulated to keep Meghan Markle’s podcast at #1. The newspaper compares Spotify’s “top podcasts” list - which, like Apple, includes recent listener activity as a score - and their “top episodes” list, which doesn’t. We have more information on podcast stats, and how the Spotify charts actually work.

    • Rogan’s back at #1 today.
  • The Dateline NBC Apple Podcasts Subscription is the fastest-growing subscription to launch on Apple Podcasts ever, we’re told; the show itself jumped from #15 to #2 in Apple’s Top Shows trending chart.

  • Radio analyst Adam Bowie has looked at how podcasting works in Twitter. He notes that the algorithm correctly deduced that he is a fan of Arsenal, a British football team, but also that it is trying to get him interested in WWE wrestling, which he isn’t.

  • After a social media backlash, Podcast Movement says it is “putting in place policies to guide our social media & events with inclusivity, diversity & respect for all”.

  • Radiodays Asia is about to start in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference includes a track about podcasting on Wednesday, and speakers including Arielle Nissenblatt, Lyndal Harris, hosts and editors from the BBC’s Global News podcast, and Podnews’s Editor, James Cridland.

    • Are you a podcaster in KL? Free on Wednesday afternoon? Email and let us know.

The Tech Stuff - with

  • August’s platform data for Buzzsprout, a podcast hosting company, shows a drop for the share of Spotify plays on its podcasts, down from 28.2% to 27.4%. Total downloads for all of Buzzsprout are up 10% month-on-month, and up 50% year-on-year. John Spurlock puts them in a graph.

    • As a reminder, the upcoming iOS16, due this month, will remove the AppleCoreMedia useragent for many podcast apps, and should lead to a significant increase in Apple’s numbers in these stats.
  • On the web, Podverse, a podcast app, has launched searchable transcripts. Here’s an example from the Podland podcast.

  • Podnews podcast pages now support the podcast:person tag. Many podcast hosting companies support this, including Buzzsprout, Fireside and Sounder: and it’s supported in podcast apps like Podcast Guru and PodcastAddict.

  • Newly generated Podnews podcast pages now also give a blended ratings score, from Apple Podcasts, Podchaser and Podcast Addict - an example is The Daily. The data comes from Rephonic.

  • Wavvy looks like Audacity, but works in your web browser.

  • The OPAWG user agents list for podcast apps includes Timpi, a new search engine crawler, and a slight amendment to Podcast Guru’s user-agent.

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Podcast News - with Lemonada Media

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