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Everyone knows mid roll ads perform best. Does the data agree? Podsights breaks down the numbers on pre roll vs mid roll. (honorable mention for post roll, if you're still with us)

Inside the iHeart Podcast Awards nominations

November 15, 2019 · 4.4 minutes to read

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AdBarker - bulk edit ads in your podcast — Manage ads on your own or promote your in-house products! Tasks like "attaching mid-roll ads" or "replacing ads" can now be done without changing your podcast hosting provider.

Premiere—Phish's Millennium Festival 20 Yrs Later — After Midnight tells the story of Big Cypress. Phish built a city for 80,000 fans in the Everglades, and played a 7-hour set, ending during sunrise on 1/1/00. Limited series features band, crew & fans.

Developer’s corner

Podcasts - with Spreaker Prime

Spreaker Prime helps podcasters increase their exposure, maximize ad revenue, and cuts hosting costs to nothing. Get more details and join Spreaker Prime today
Spreaker Prime: Dungeons & Randomness is a weekly Dungeons and Dragons podcast that highlights the moves from over 20 players (and 100 characters) who play in one world in where their actions impact one another and tell a giant, sprawling story. They’re using Spreaker Prime to increase exposure and maximize monetization.
Ledlow & Parker is a new basketball podcast. Kristen Ledlow & Candace Parker will use their unique insight, knowledge & connections to go inside the latest league storylines. (Turner Sports / WarnerMedia Podcasts / knit)
In the Adult Swim Podcast, new Rick and Morty feature episodes launched this week, including the artists, writers and directors behind Rick and Morty Season 4. They offer their unfiltered, inside perspectives of each new episode. (Adult Swim / WarnerMedia Podcasts / knit)
More Rick and Morty - Ricksplained features special guests from the hit show to help overexplain the secret deeper meanings, whether or not those meanings are intentional. It’s represented by PAR. (New Rockstars / Megaphone)
A wild Pokémon podcast has appeared! EXP. Share features two friends who play every generation of Pokémon game, gym by gym. Future seasons will see the hosts take on every game in the Pokémon franchise (so we’ve possibly a while to wait until that vague disappointment of finding yet another Zubat). Episodes drop every Tuesday. (Anchor)
What does it feel like to belong in two places, and nowhere at the same time? In My Arab Identity - بودكاست الهوية, hear from Arab-Australian migrants on how they’re dealing with the complexities of a mixed identity. - بودكاست “الهوية” يسلط الضوء على التحديات التي يواجها المهاجرون العرب وابناؤهم بسبب هويتهم المختلطة في أستراليا وكيف تغلبوا عليها. The podcast is in both English and Arabic, and an interesting listen. البودكاست باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية (SBS Arabic 24)
PodSchool's back: short podcasts to help from Mamamia’s Head Of Podcasts, Rachel Corbett. This new season starts with the thorny subject of “how to record with multiple USB microphones”. (Whooshkaa)
Secret Leaders, featuring interviews with high-flying CEOs and forward-thinking founders, is back for a new season, starting with the British-born founder of Slack. (Simplecast)

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Product Manager, ART19
United States of America

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