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QR codes for podcasts are getting more popular: but where to link them to, so they work for everyone on every app? The Podcast Namespace team kicked some ideas round last week, and have settled on:

https://(a podcast page)#fastfollow-podcast:(a guid)

This means that the camera app on your phone will take you to a helpful website (which might even open your default podcast player), but “fast-follow”-enabled podcast apps use the podcast:guid in the podcast namespace to open the podcast directly within their app.

While you can set the GUID directly for your own podcast in your RSS feed, the Podcast Index’s database has assigned a GUID for every podcast.

Updated Podnews podcast pages, like Podland, for example, now include this fastfollow link as a QR code (desktop only); and you can scan it using the standard camera app on your phone, or within apps like CurioCaster.

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