Podcast app reviews, writing with sound course, Apple has podcast studio

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  • Nice one-sentence reviews of almost every single podcast app out there (mainly iPhone).

  • Good Aussie podcast about podcasts. This episode has Sharon Taylor, CEO of Melbourne-based podcast-host Omny Studios, with some good tips and future-gazing.

    This link is no longer available, as at Jul 22 2023
  • University of Virginia teaching writing with sound course. “Podcasting is clearly a significant form of 21st-century storytelling”, says Professor Steph Ceraso, who runs the course. Students are enthralled.

  • Audible makes a USD$5 million fund to commission new audio drama from emerging playwrights. Fancy advisory board of folks from the theatre. A dozen playwrights will be chosen.

  • Going to Apple’s annual WWDC conference? They’ll have a podcast studio you can book. This, and recent rebranding by the company, appears to show renewed interest by Apple in podcasting.

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  • HotPod 121 looks at NYT’s The Daily versus NPR’s Up First. Quah prefers The Daily, but points out it’s more vulnerable since it’s heavily invested in one presenter. “Don’t believe in the king, NPR’s gambit seems to say, believe in the kingdom.”

  • Event: PodCon, Seattle WA, USA; for podcast fans rather than industry. Crowd-funding: on 31% of $300,000; five days left.

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