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Podcasting comes to LA, with The Ambies live tonight

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  • Podcast Movement Evolutions starts later today in Los Angeles. The first session is the orientation event for new and veteran attendees. The AMBIES awards take place at 6pm PT / 9pm ET tonight: here’s a live video feed for you to watch the ceremony wherever you are (or see your email from Podcast Movement to RSVP). We’ll have a full list of winners tomorrow morning; and some exclusive data ahead of the unveiling of the Podnews Report Card 2024 at 9am.

  • Apple Podcasts has updated its Content Guidelines. The main changes are that the company now requires use of AI to be prominently disclosed in both the audio and the metadata; and AI cannot be used to mislead. (¶1.11 and 1.12) Apple also requires creator-provided transcripts to accurately reflect and correspond to the content (¶5.1).

  • Similarly, YouTube is now requiring disclosure about the use of AI in certain circumstances. You’re specifically required to disclose if you’re using AI to “make a real person say or do something they didn’t say or do”, “alter footage of a real event or place”, or “generate a realistic scene that didn’t actually occur”. Visual (or, we presume, audio) effects, like noise reduction, are not required to be disclosed; nor “clearly unrealistic content”.

    • Podnews does not use AI in any part of our editorial process. More info

Introducing Podpage AI
Paid content


Podpage is releasing PodpageAI, which makes creating content for your podcast website easier than it’s ever been. This groundbreaking tool launches with three features designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your online presence.

First, PodpageAI simplifies content creation by generating companion blog posts for your episode. It suggests topics, provides outlines, and even writes entire posts seamlessly, saving you time and effort and boosting visibility and SEO.

Next, PodpageAI can generate content for you to send to your mailing list. With newsletter creation, PodpageAI compiles the last month’s reviews, blog posts, and episodes into a monthly newsletter. With minimal editing, you can send engaging updates directly to your listeners using your mailing list provider.

Third, PodpageAI will create a review summary. The tool will summarize all your reviews into a short paragraph, just like Amazon does for all their products, making it easy for new visitors to understand the general sentiment of your listeners.

These AI features are available to podcasters on the Podpage Elite plan, starting today. Get started on the Podpage website.

People News

Tips and tricks - with Memberful

Podcast News - with Airwave

    UnTextbooked | A history podcast for the future
    Play trailerAirwave congratulates our Ambie nominee: UnTextbooked, a history podcast for the future. Can protests really save lives? Were American Jews an integral part of the Civil Rights movement? And who won the Cold War, really? This show gives answers to your big questions.
    Huberman Lab
    Play trailerHuberman Lab's Andrew Huberman gets the cover story in New York magazine.
    The Curious History of Your Home
    Play trailerCareful of that dishwasher - an early dishwasher inventor, William Howard Livens was also the inventor of projectile weapons during the first world war. The Curious History of Your Home is new today from Noiser, contains facts and information about the place you live in. It’s available in all open RSS podcast players, and also in BBC Sounds from today.
    Foods That Matter
    Play trailerBe transported to different corners of the culinary world, as Foods That Matter tells stories of adventure with food. The show will help you gain insider knowledge on trending foods, deep insights into food culture, and a comprehensive understanding of what you’re eating and where it’s come from. It’s new today from CurtCo Media.

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Podcast data for Mar 26

#1 in Apple Podcasts
Three (Wavland)
Path to Power (Matt Cooper & Ivan Yates)

#1 in Spotify
The Joe Rogan Experience (Joe Rogan)
Left On Read (GoLoud)

Over the last week, 202,732 podcasts published at least one new episode (down 4.5%). source


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