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A cassette

Podcast releases new episode on cassette

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Descript lets you edit audio, video, and produce social video all in one app
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Descript is already a great tool to edit your podcast: you edit your podcast just like editing a document, and you get access to AI-powered tools like Overdub, where you can correct words without having to go back into the studio; Studio Sound, which removes echo and background noise; and automated filler word removal, so “um”s and “er”s are, you know, like, totally removed.

Their latest version, Descript Storyboard - available for early access - adds even more video editing features. Multitrack video editing, AI-powered background removal and access to stock media, it’ll help you painlessly transform your podcast into video for websites like YouTube or Vimeo. If the future for podcasting is video, then Descript is the future of editing; and you can be one of the first to try it.

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Podcast News - with Lemonada Media

In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt
From Lemonada Media: Every day, the world seems on the brink of crisis. In In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt when overlapping crises and a relentless news cycle overwhelm Americans, Andy finds the right helpers to help us move forward together.
The Mo Show
The Mo Show is an English-language podcast from Saudi Arabia, featuring interviews with tech entrepreneurs, a boxer, a female rapper, and more from the country. Mohammed Islam moderated a panel yesterday at the Ignite podcast creator conference in Riyadh.
My Little Pony: The Podcast
Good news, everypony! My Little Pony: The Podcast is finally here - narrated by Popstar Princess Popp Petals and her trusty producer Jazz Hooves. Hoof to heart, Acast are doing their part with Hasbro - friendship is magic, after all - and a new adventure waits for us every week until mid November. Be a true, true friend to the little ones in your life and get playing it right across Equestria. etc.
New Podcast Trailers
Need a new show to listen to? New Podcast Trailers is available in your favourite RSS podcast app, and contains trailers from lots of new shows.
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